Flood of civic problems at DH-PV Janaspandana

Flood of civic problems at DH-PV Janaspandana

Janaspandana-Citizens for Change, a programme organised by Deccan Herald and Prajavani received an overwhelming response from the residents of Mangaluru City South Assembly constituency on Saturday. 

The participants expressed their displeasure at the officials for failing to provide basic facilities.

Pathetic condition of roads, lack of drainage systems and disruption in water supply were the major issues raised by the participants in the programme.

Dinesh Shetty of Mallikatte Aquarius Flat Association said, “We don’t have a proper road to reach the apartment. Even after 40 years, road has not been developed in the area. We have been paying tax to the city corporation regularly. But we are denied of the facilities.”

In reply, Mangaluru City Corporation Commissioner Mohammed Nazeer said, “Depending on the availability of grants, the work will be taken up on a priority basis.”

MLA D Vedavyas Kamath said, “The city corporation should give priority to road, drinking water and drainage facilities. There is a need to fix a time frame for the work.”

Nazeer said, “If the estimate for the road is huge, then it has to be approved in the MCC Council.”

The MLA then directed him to place the agenda in the next council meeting.

MCF Highway Garden Association of 22nd Ward President Sadananda Gowda said, “We pay more than Rs 1 lakh tax to the MCC. In spite of it, the area lacks proper drinking water supply, UGD, streetlights and the roads are ridden with potholes. The grass beside the roads is not cut.”

AEE Naresh Shenoy said, “Water is supplied to the 22nd ward for five to six hours daily. The issue raised by the residents will be verified on Monday. Measures will be taken to supply water at least three hours of water per day.”

MLA Kamath told the officials, “There is a need to fix a time for the supply of water. Some wards have better water supply system. Give priority to the adequate supply of water.”

Sundarram of Kadri 34th Ward said there are no UGD facilities near his house in spite of a court order.

The officer said that to lay the UGD, the pipeline has to pass through a private land and the private owner has objected to it.

The MLA said that the UGD work can be taken up by acquiring the land.

The MCC commissioner said he will visit the spot for inspection.

Janardhan of Bejai alleged that the MCC does not listen to the poor. “Just look at the condition of the road in Bejai. We too do not get proper water supply,” he said.

The MLA promised them that he will visit the area with AEE Naresh Shenoy next week.

Jerald Towers, a participant, said, “Bus shelters have disappeared in the name of the widening of roads. The fish market and vegetable markets in the city are in a deplorable condition.”

The MCC commissioner said that the work on the Kadri Market will be taken up

The MLA said that work on Urwa Market is in the final stage. Tenders have been invited for Kadri Market work and the proposal will be submitted for constructing Kankanady market.

The Central Market will be developed under the Smart City Project. A detailed project report is being prepared, he said.

Kripa, a student of School of Social Work, Roshni Nilaya, said, “Rash driving by bus conductors has made people travel by bus with a fear in mind. The footboards in the city buses are too high and it is an inconvenience to senior citizens. The name boards in Mangaluru are not written in Kannada.”

The MLA directed the traffic police to look into the issue.

Arthur D’Souza from Mannagudde said, “There is noise pollution from a milk booth near the warehouse in Mannagudde. The sound of unloading is disturbing us.”  The MLA directed the health officials to take measures to prevent the noise.

Ramananda Mayya said, “Urwa-Sulthan Bathery Road is not developed. All the construction debris is dumped at Sulthan Bathery.”

MCC Joint Commissioner Gokuldas Nayak said, “Land has been identified for dumping debris at Kunjathabail. Measures will be taken to check the dumping of debris at Sulthan Bathery. The road will be widened.”

Vimala Rao said that a huge tree near Kalpatharu apartment in Mannagudde is posing a threat to the buildings. The MLA directed the officials to trim the branches of the tree.

The MLA said, “The officials are in responsible positions. It is the duty of the officials and elected representatives to understand the emotions of the people,” he said and appealed to the officials not to hurt the people who approach them.

“When the residents fail to get solutions for their problems, they approach the elected representatives and officials. People have a lot of expectations from us. It is our duty to work up to their expectations,” he said.

“Basic facilities should be provided by the local body. Even after 70 years of independence, the residents still face the problem of shortage of water, UGD, streetlights and bus shelter. We have failed in providing the basic facilities to the people.”

“The grievances aired at Jjanaspandana should be addressed. The officials should not issue a passing remark. I will verify the problem personally. If there is no progress in the work, then the public can contact me directly,” he said.

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