Soak pits improve sanitation in colonies in Kateel GP

Soak pits improve sanitation in colonies in Kateel GP

A soak pit constructed near a house in Gidigere SC Colony in Kateel Gram Panchayat jurisdiction. DH Photo

In the absence of a sewer system, ‘grey water’ from the bathroom and kitchen was let into roads or in the backyard of houses in Gidigere SC Colony and Jumadi Gudde Colony under Kateel Gram Panchayat limits.

This was the scenario a few days ago. The wastewater now no longer flows on the roads or in the backyard of houses in these colonies.

The residents by utilising facilities under Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) constructed 101 soak pits at Gidigere SC Colony in Kondemoola village of Kateel GP.

“As there were no UGD (underground drainage) facilities, wastewater flowing on the road had rendered the colonies unhygienic. When Centre made modifications in the MGNREGS to allow the construction of soak pits, Kateel GP under the guidance of Mangaluru Taluk Panchayat Executive Officer N G Nagaraj had planned 101 soak pits in Gidigere colony. As a result, all houses in the Colony were connected to the soak pits,” Kateel GP Panchayat Development Officer Prakash B told DH.

As many as 33 SC and 9 ST families are residing in the colonies along with other families.  These houses were built on five cents of land which did not have any UGD connections. The residents took keen interest in digging the soak pits. Additional 21 soak pits were constructed at Jumadi Gudde area.

The stagnating ‘grey water’ problem, that had rendered the colony unhygienic and stirred fears of spreading vector-borne diseases, has been addressed with funds from the MGNREGS.

Soak pits

The soak pits were constructed on 7X5 ft width near the houses. Gravels were filled up to a height of two feet to facilitate the percolation of water. With the help of pipe, the wastewater from the kitchens and bathrooms are drained into the soak pits. The construction of a soak pit incurred an expense of Rs 17,000, sources added.