Heaps of waste, stray animal menace haunt APMC yard

Heaps of waste, stray animal menace haunt APMC yard

The drain at the APMC yard in Chikkamagaluru is choked by rotten tomatoes.

Heaps of garbage have made the entire area reek of a nauseating smell at the APMC yard in Chikkamagaluru. The haphazard parking of vehicles and stray animal menace has further turned it into a mess.

In addition, the menace of ‘commission’ by the middleman has made farmers suffer. 

APMC yard is spread over 22 acres of land. Farmers arrive at the yard with their farm produce to sell it amid the dirt surrounding the area. 

The silt in the drains has led to water stagnation. As a result, the wastewater flows on the road. The remains of tomatoes, leafy vegetables, radish and ginger are found dumped inside the drains. The garbage has made the entire area stink.

Aside from this, unused plastic crates are dumped beside the drains and in front of the stalls and vacant site in the APMC yard. 

A few are engaged in attending nature’s call in the open, further raising the horrible stench. Stray animals like cattle, dogs and pigs are found all over foraging on vegetable wastes. 

There are three to four mud roads inside the APMC yard. When it rains, the roads turn into slush, thus inconveniencing the farmers and merchants. There are several instances of vehicles getting caught in the slush, said drivers. 

The roof of the market is also damaged. The asbestos sheets have rusted and rainwater leaks inside the selling areas.

There is a shortage of drinking water facilities at the yard, feel merchants and farmers.

A few buildings inside the APMC yard are old and worn out and rodents are seen here. 

“Often people are cheated at octroi centre. The CC Camera too has been taken away. In spite of bringing the issue of loopholes in the tax collection to the authorities, no action has been initiated,” allege merchants. 

A vegetable grower from Hanchihalli said, “We have to pay 10% commission to middlemen. It is difficult to sell the produce without paying the commission. There is a need to set right anomalies in the market system.” 

Tomato seller Noor Mohammed said, “When it rains, water gushes inside the stall. The drains should be cleaned to facilitate easy flow of water. Cleanliness should be maintained.” 

Labourer Raju said, “Badges should be distributed for hamalis.”

Vegetable merchant M M Madhu said, “An arrangement should be made for the supply of drinking water. The leaking roof should be repaired and the stray animal menace should be checked.”