'Prevent quarrying near school'

'Prevent quarrying near school'

The walls of the Government Primary and High School at Nerugalale have developed cracks, due to mining activities nearby.

Government Primary and High School, Nerugalale, School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC) chairperson Padmavati alleged that efforts are being made to carry out quarrying near the school.

She urged the local administration to take immediate action to prevent the same.

Addressing reporters on Monday, she said that the quarrying was stopped in the region a few years ago. But now, attempts of stone quarrying are being carried out again.

Stones fall on the school building during mining. The walls have developed cracks. If the mining continues, the walls might collapse, she said.

The SDMC chairperson further stated that children and teachers are getting disturbed due to the sound of stone quarrying. Complaints have been submitted to the deputy commissioner, tahsildar and officials of the Mines and Geology Department.

Gram Panchayat former president T K Lokananda said that the villagers will conduct severe protests if the stone quarrying continues.

Primary School DMC chairman Surendra, SDMC office bearers Yashoda, Alphonse Lobo and Ravikumar were present.