Skyrocketing veggie, onion prices affect common man

Skyrocketing veggie, onion prices affect common man

Onions in the market.

Prices of the majority of vegetables have shot up and is pinching the common man’s pocket in Kadur. 

In addition, the price of onion, an important kitchen staple has also increased. Small size onions were costing Rs 60 per kg while big size onions were sold at Rs 120 per kg in the market. Unfortunately, the onion growers are not getting the profit for the increase in the price of onions. 

Due to failure of monsoon soon after sowing, the yield had declined. Instead of 200 packets of onion, the farmers could reap only 60 to 80 packets of onions.

Moreover, the North East Monsoon affected the crop before harvest. The fully grown onion bulbs started rotting due to excessive water content in the field. Now, there is a good price, but no onions to sell said farmers in Kadur. 

The prices of vegetables have also increased drastically. Flat beans or “Avarekai” has entered the market and the customers are attracted towards it. The cheapest vegetable available in the market is chilly. 

Flat beans are sold at Rs 30 per kg, tomato (Rs 40), pea (Rs 80), “Javalikai” (Rs 80), carrot (Rs 40), beans (Rs 40), Hurulikai (Rs 30), Ridge Gourd (Rs 40), Capsicum (Rs 45), bottle gourd (Rs 40), one bunch of coriander leaves (Rs 5), lemon (Rs 10 for three lemons), radish (Rs 30), beetroot (Rs 40), sweet potato (Rs 40) and cucumber (Rs 30). 

“A majority of the customers purchase a quarter kilogram of vegetables instead of one kg. Many prefer purchasing leafy vegetables instead of other vegetables. Two to three bunches of “Harive Soppu,” “Berake Soppu,” Palak “Honagone Soppu” are sold for Rs 10. Those who wish to purchase leafy vegetables have to visit the wholesale market at K V Circle early in the morning.