Tiny tots initiated into world of learning

Tiny tots initiated into world of learning

Parents initiate their children into world of learning and writing on the occasion of Vijayadashami. (PTI Photo)

A large number of tiny tots were initiated into learning (Aksharabhayasa) on the day of Vijaya Dashami at Kollur Mookambika Temple at 3 am on Tuesday. 

Vijaya Dashami also marks the culmination of Navaratri festivities. ‘Kadiru Habba’ celebrations, ‘Navannaprashana’ and ‘Vijayotsava’ were held on the occasion. During the ‘Vidyarambha’ or ‘Aksharabhayasa’ ceremony, the symbol ‘Om’ is written on the tongue of the children with a turmeric twig.

The children were later made to write letters of the alphabet on rice grains. During Vijayotsava, the Utsav Murthy of Goddess Mookambika was carried to Shukla Theertha and brought back.

Thousands of devotees had taken part in the rathotsava held at the temple on Monday.

After breaking of coconuts by the MLA, priest, managing committee members and devotees in front of the chariot, thousands of devotees pulled the chariot. The goddess was decorated differently on all the nine days of Navaratri.