Transformers, electricity poles invite danger

Transformers, electricity poles invite danger

An electricity pole behind the District Ayush Hospital at Azad Park Circle in Chikkamagaluru is in a dilapidated condition.

Power transformers, electricity poles, starter boxes and live wires located in different parts of Chikkamagaluru town are in a pathetic condition and invite danger to people every day.

Most transformers are surrounded by shrubs. A transformer in the premises of maternity hospital in the town, near Saganipura Road, is also surrounded by shrubs.

The condition of most transformers in the town is no different. Moreover, cable TV operators have tied amplifier boxes and have wound cable wires to the electricity poles.

A member of the District Electricity Consumers’ Association sought the maintenance of transformers in a scientific manner. The shrubs and garbage near the transformer should be cleared and the transformers should have fences to prevent people and stray animals from coming into contact with them, he demanded.

The street lights in the town lack bulbs, sockets and chokes. People complain that they find it difficult to walk on the road in the evenings due to the defunct street lights.

Digging up of the road by the municipal administration for laying water pipes under Amrit project has further intensified the problem, said many.

Electricity wires are dangling at Maruthi Nagar Main Road and first cross road. During strong winds, the dangling wires get into contact causing short circuits.

The citizens allege that the requests made to the Mescom officials to set right the dangling wires and to clear the shrubs have fallen on deaf ears. In some places, the concerned have fixed spacers on the dangling wires, which barely helps.

An electricity pole behind Ayush Hospital at Azad Park Circle is in a dilapidated condition as the cement plaster on it is almost gone.

The top portion of a pole near the Government Primary School in Dantaramakki is in a dilapidated condition. 

The poles near Horticulture Department Deputy Director’s office and near Nallur Gate too are in a dangerous position.

The poles near Dantaramakki lake and Deepa Nursing Home are leaning. Apart from being unsafe, they are also obstructions to traffic movement.

In many places, sparks are generated in electricity wires, due to the improper spacing between them. This results in voltage fluctuation, further spoiling electric and electronic equipment.

Shashidhar, a resident of Nalluru, said that an electricity pole opposite Vijaya Bank in Nalluru Gate can collapse at any time.

The road is busy all the time and an accident may cause serious consequences. Even though the problem is brought to the notice of the concerned authorities, no measure has been initiated to instal a new pole, he added.

Yatish, a resident at K M Road said that a cow was electrocuted by an electricity pole a few months back.

The old iron pole should be replaced with a cement pole, he added.

Anand, an entrepreneur at Azad Park Circle said that the operators do not close the door of the switch box at the transformer near Head Post Office. It is a grave danger to anyone accidentally coming in contact with the box. The place is crowded. Therefore the switch box should be closed and locked.

All street lights should be facilitated with switch boxes, instead of using hooks to turn the power on or off. An automated system should be installed to stop the street lights glowing during the daytime.

Mescom and the City Municipal Council should pay attention to solving these problems on an urgent basis, urged residents.

The starter boxes of pump sets connected to the borewells in many residential areas do not have doors and locks.

Mescom Chikkamagaluru Division Executive Engineer K Shivakumar promised that a survey will be conducted in the town with the aim of installing new electricity poles. Shrubs around the transformers will also be cleared, he assured.

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