MLAs Ganesh, Naik had a history of friction with Singh

MLAs Ganesh, Naik had a history of friction with Singh

The drunken brawl between Vijayanagar MLA Anand Singh and his Kampli counterpart J N Ganesh is the culmination of a long-standing feud between the two, it is said. 

In fact, Singh had a rift with Hagaribommanahalli legislator Bheema Naik too.

The two were upset that Singh was intefering in the affairs of their constituencies. They were also aghast at the fact that the Vijayanagar MLA had spilled the beans about ‘Operation Kamala,’ and the duo’s plan to jump ship to the BJP.

Singh too had planned to join the saffron party, but changed his mind later. He had given away hints to the Congress leaders that Ganesh and Naik were planning to quit the party and that they had gone to Mumbai, with one of the teams of disgruntled MLAs.

Naik had issues with Singh over the B M M mining company. The former’s supporters had staged protests against the latter over his interference in the affairs of Naik’s constituency.

It is said Anand’s son-in-law Sandeep Singh was poking his nose in the goings-on of the Kampli seat. Anand Singh had grand plans to takle control of the Kampli and Hagaribommanahalli seats, which border his Vijayanagar seat.