People from Kerala part of Mangaluru violence: Bommai

People from Kerala part of Mangaluru violence: Bommai

People coming from outside states mostly Kerala indulging in violence in Mangaluru during protest against Citizenship Amendment Act, Home Minister Basavaraj Bommai said here on Thursday.

"People came from the neighbouring state to participate in protest also tried to set fire a police station in Mangalore and damaged public properties. To control this, the police had to use force," he told reporters here.

"Though most of the protests march held peacefully in Karnataka, there was violence in Mangaluru. Some of the people came from Kerala indulging and instigating the violence and misleading college students and public," he said.

He also warned to take action against those who involved in violence and spreading rumors. "Some of the groups, who have involved violence earlier, again active in disturbing peace in coastal region," he said.

"Police have maintained almost patience during the protest," he said, "the government will take strict action against anti-social elements."