Rafale deal will make Modi PM again, says Nirmala

Rafale deal will make Modi PM again, says Nirmala

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman arrives for a public interaction in Bengaluru on Sunday. DH Photo/S K Dinesh

Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would occupy the office for the second term for decision on purchase of Rafale fighter jets.

Speaking at an informal interaction organised by “Chintakavara Chavadi” (Forum of Intellectuals) here on Sunday, Niramala said that while Congress lost power due to Bofors scandal, Modi would be re-elected for his right decision on Rafale deal.

“The government decided to purchase Rafale fighter jets in view of national security. There has been no lapses, much less a scandal in the whole deal. The allegations being levelled by Congress and other parties are baseless,” she said.

More than 600 questions were registered at the interaction and the organisers condensed them to 12. The questions were related to demonetisation, Pulwama attack, job creation and Congress manifesto.

Nirmala said that the attacks carried out by India in retaliation to Uri and Pulwama incidents had conveyed a message to the world about the capability of India. “Citizens have not been harmed in both these attacks. Our Army has decimated the terror camps. Not even a single country has questioned India about these attacks except the Congress of our own country. This speaks volumes about the commitment of Congress towards national security,” she said.The Congress, in its manifesto, has claimed to eradicate poverty through ‘Nyay’ scheme. Indira Gandhi had formulated “Garibi Hatao” programme while Rajeev Gandhi as prime minister had come up with a poverty eradication programme. Despite this, the Congress has not been able to wipe of poverty in the country. “It implies Congress has not been able to eradicate poverty and it cannot do it also.”

A similar interaction was held in Bengaluru also.