Swami Vivekananda statue unveiling today

Swami Vivekananda statue unveiling today

The Swami Vivekananda statue at Giliyaru, Saligrama, Udupi district.

The tallest-ever statue of Swami Vivekananda has come up at Giliyaru in Saligrama of Kota.

The statue, which is taller than one at Kanyakumari, is 35-foot tall and has come up on the premises of the Naturopathy and Yoga Hospital of Divine Park and will be inaugurated on February 1.

“The statue represents Vivekananda’s concept of ‘potential divinity of the soul’ and gives a new and ennobling concept of theology. A glance of the statue offers purity, patience, and perseverance to the onlookers. It is in the midst of greenery and fertile agricultural land. Along with the posture of serenity, the statue is backed by peace, silence, and signs of care, safety and security,” Divine Park head Dr Chandrashekar Udupa said.

He told DH that it is the tallest in the world. “The statue at Ranchi is 32-foot tall. The statue at Giliyaru will promote tourism in the area. It is sculpted by a team led by Sridhar Murthy, who has experience in designing beautiful and huge statues. As many as 40 workers were employed with the task. A metal mixture has been used to paint the statue, to protect it from heavy rain and wind,” he said.