Case no. 10K: Bengaluru cybercops face a digital glitch

Case no. 10K: Bengaluru cybercops face a digital glitch

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The cybercrime police station of Bengaluru is facing a digital glitch while registering cases and it is unable to file 10,000th case, according to a report by The Times of India. 

The system to register FIR in the cybercrime station does not have the bandwidth to register a five-digit case, as a result, it can only register 9,999 cases as a year. Thus, police stations in Karnataka have stopped registering cases. It has also announced, in a note posted on its doors, that the station will shut down due to technical issues.

“Since the portal used to generate FIR doesn’t take five-digit numbers, we have stopped taking complaints in the cybercrime police station. This also means any police station in the state can register FIR till 9,999 but not beyond that. The cybercrime police station of Karnataka is the only police station which has registered a huge number of cases,” said DCP (crime-1) Kuldeep Kumar Jain to TOI.

Overall 9,970 cases have been registered at the station this year. 

Meanwhile, complaints can be filed at any local police station or on But those who are coming to file the complaints unaware have to return empty-handed as police stations were not informed about the shutdown. 

The police will conduct a hackathon to find a technical solution to crack crime.