It’s the Pickler’s Prescription

It’s the Pickler’s Prescription

Garnished with a pickled black grape, this cocktail makes for a beautiful Indian spirited Gibson — aromatic, elegant yet complex, writes Feruzan Bilimoria

Perfect for winding down after a long day at work, its freshness is captured by the sweet and tannic flavours of grapes and beautifully balanced by Indian spices. Garnished with a pickled black grape, it makes for a beautiful, Indian spirited Gibson — aromatic, elegant yet complex!

Gibsons are extremely versatile and hence, can be paired with any globally inspired cuisine. The bold and aromatic flavours of the Pickler’s Prescription Highball is the perfect accompaniment to diverse cuisines from across the country and around the globe.


Stranger & Sons Gin: 60 ml

Pickled apricot brine: 20 ml

Soda water: 100 ml


Pickled apricot: 1


Keep a tall/highball glass in the freezer to chill (can be done a few hours prior). 

Measure and add Stranger & Sons Gin and the apricot pickle brine to the glass.

Add lots of ice and top it with soda. Give it a light stir. 

Garnish with a pickled apricot. 

Serve immediately.

Here’s how to make pickled apricot


Dry apricot with seeds: 350 gm

White wine vinegar: 250 ml

Apple cider vinegar: 250 ml

Sugar: 325 gm

Honey: 70 gm

Cinnamon: 5 gm

Star anise: 5 gm

Bay leaf: 1 no.

Black peppercorn: 4 gm

Mace: 5 gm

Coriander seeds: 5 gm

Sea salt: 10 gm


Make a little pouch of your spices by weighing them and wrapping it up in a little muslin cloth.

Mix all the ingredients except for apricots and stir until sugar is dissolved. 

Simmer for 5 mins and skim the surface for any scum that forms.

Add the apricots and let them stew for 2 mins. 

Switch off the heat and let it rest for 2 days before using. 

Remove the spice bag after a week or else the flavours will get too strong.

Keep the pickle refrigerated and it will last for months.

(The author is an award-winning mixologist who enjoys and appreciates food and spirits. Her skills have won her a number of awards, including Best Female Bartender 2018, the first female finalist and one of the top 6 India finalists at Diageo World Class 2018, she also made it to India’s Top 4 at Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Competition 2017. When she isn’t stirring up something new or sipping on her favourite Third Eye Gibson, you’ll find Feru doodling, reading and dancing.)

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