Apple's fun new ad highlights key security features of Mac devices

Besides age-old password protection, there other more powerful security feature to safeguard Apple Mac devices.
Last Updated : 19 July 2023, 14:13 IST
Last Updated : 19 July 2023, 14:13 IST

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Apple devices are known not just for user privacy, but also for the Fort Knox-like security against theft they boast.

They are so strong and fool-proof that if the thief steals an Apple iPhone or a MacBook, it's almost impossible to unlock them. In India, almost all stolen Apple devices are stripped and parts are sold as cheap components to third-party service centers and even most of them too, can be identified and locked too.

However, not many know how secure Apple devices are. So, to highlight those security features, Apple has come up with a new fun ad titled 'The Underdogs: Swiped Mac' showing all key features.

In the latest ad, it shows an underdog team of a company, who was supposed to deliver a keynote presentation, but unfortunately, the team leader's office MacBook Air PC gets robbed right in front of the office. And, with the Find My app, the owner manages to tackle difficulties traversing through the jam-packed traffic, to tail the culprits. The latter find it difficult to crack the password to sell them to pawn shops and fail. And, when the owner finally reaches the third reseller shop in a busy flea market, she turns on the sound to locate the precise point, where two thieves were about to sell it and finally, she gets back the device.

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It is a really good infotainment ad from Apple to bring awareness about the security of Apple MacBooks.

Here are key security features of Macs you should know:
a) Most of the latest MacBooks' Magic Keyboards come with fingerprint-based TouchID to unlock. However, owners will be asked to create passwords first too.

b) Set up Notify When Left Behind
Here's how to do it:
Step 1: On the device >> Open the Find my app >> Tap on the Mac device
Step 2: Under Notifications, tap Notify When Left Behind. If you don't see Notify When Left Behind, then that device might not be supported.
Step 3: If it is supported, you will get the option-- Turn Notify When Left Behind on or off.

c) Owners are advised to set their Mac to auto-logout when not in use.
Here's how to do it:
Step 1: On the Mac, tap on Apple (bitten Apple logo) menu > System Settings, then click Privacy & Security in the sidebar. (You may need to scroll down.)
Step 2: Click Advanced at the bottom.
Step 3: Turn on “Log out automatically after inactivity”.
Step 4: Click the “Log out after” pop-up menu, then choose the amount of time before the user is automatically logged out.

d) Turn on passkeys to log in to websites on Macs

e) If your system contains sensitive information, owners are advised to turn on FileVault
Here's how to enable FileVault:
Step 1: On the Mac, tap on Apple (bitten Apple logo) menu > > System Settings, click Privacy & Security in the sidebar, then go to FileVault. (You may need to scroll down.)
Step 2: Click Turn On next to FileVault.

Note: You might be asked to enter your password.

Step 3: Choose how to unlock your disk and reset your login password if you forget it:
---iCloud account: Click “Allow my iCloud account to unlock my disk” if you already use iCloud. Click “Set up my iCloud account to reset my password” if you don’t already use iCloud.
---Recovery key: Click “Create a recovery key and do not use my iCloud account”. Write down the recovery key and keep it in a safe place.

Note: Never lose the Recovery Key details or else the user will never be able to get back access to the information stored in FileVault

Step 4: Click Continue and complete the on-screen procedure as asked by the device.

Note: If the Mac has additional users, their information is also encrypted. Users need to unlock the encrypted disk with their login password.

If there’s an Enable Users button, you must enter a user’s login password before they can unlock the encrypted disk. Click Enable Users, select a user, enter the login password, click OK, then click Continue.

Here's the new Apple Mac security ad 'The Underdogs: Swiped Mac':

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Published 19 July 2023, 14:11 IST

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