A trend with benefits

A trend with benefits


Dear Madam,

I am a second year BA student. I want to pursue MA in English literature abroad. Can you suggest a good university in the UK? Also, let me know if the universities offer scholarships? What is the minimum IELTS score required to qualify for a scholarship grant?



Dear Sourakshini,

The University of Westminster London offers up to 100% scholarship. To pursue MA in literature you need to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or above in each of the individual bands. Apart from the IELTS and a high GPA in your Bachelors, you also have to write an essay of 500 words about why you believe you deserve the scholarship. This essay carries a lot of weight. You need to really convince them that you are suited for this scholarship. There are many other universities that offer around 3000 to 5000 GBP Scholarship. These are easier to get. Most international students who get admission also get scholarships. 


Dear Madam,

I am in my second year of engineering (ISE). I want to do my masters in either Canada or UK. But I’m confused about whether I should do an MS or an MBA. Can you please give me more information about what is the best course to study, considering that I belong to a middle-class family. Also, let me know the requirements for admissions in these countries.



Dear Ruhyaa,

I would recommend a regular Masters like MS or MSc rather than an MBA. The reason being, for an MBA you need a minimum of three years' work experience. For admissions in Canada, you need to take the GRE along with an English test. For UK universities you require only the IELTS. The UK is cheaper and the duration of the course is only for one year. Canada, on the other hand, offers you stay back options and work permit after study. 


Dear Madam,

I am about to complete my final year BA in History, Literature and Political Science, and am keen on continuing with my master’s programme in Global or Modern World History. My preferred countries are USA and Europe. Do suggest me a good programme and what I could do to have a good profile. Does the Government of India offer scholarships?

Omer Haq


Dear Omer,

You could pursue courses like International Relations, International peace and security, Non-Proliferation & International Security, Politics and Contemporary History, World History and Cultures, Development and Human Rights, Refugee Protection and Migration Studies.

The Government of India Ministry of Education offers scholarships to students who genuinely can’t afford to fund their studies but hold offers from reputed universities in the world. Please visit the government website of the Ministry of Human Rights Development for a complete list of scholarships, deadlines and eligibility. The link to their website is http://mhrd.gov.in/scholarships.


Dear Madam,

My daughter is pursuing her first year in Bachelor of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology. In the final year, they have to do a one-year internship. We would like her to do her internship in some reputed hospitals in USA or UK, which provide stipend too. Could you please suggest universities that accept students from India for an internship with a stipend and what is the procedure for the same.  



Dear Sindhu,

I am sorry but I do not know of any hospitals in the US that accept our students for a paid internship. Her professors in the university should speak with their colleagues and contacts in foreign universities which have hospitals attached and try to organise some kind of a student exchange. At this stage of her studies, I don’t see a paid internship happening any other way. 


Dear Madam,

I am a doctorate in Physics having 34 years of teaching experience and 15 years of research experience. I just superannuated from service. I have a great flair for music and have got training in Carnatic classical vocal and have had performed on well-known platforms. At the same time, I have been teaching music to many students at home. I would like to know if I could go as an Indian music tutor to one of US or UK universities.

Paniveni Shankar


Dear Paniveni,

With your vast teaching experience, I am guessing you are over 45 years old. It is not easy getting a job in any foreign country after you have crossed the age of 45. If you are working for an organisation here in India and you get posted to UK or USA, that’s possible.

Alternately, if you have sufficient funds you can invest to start a music school with a partner who is a resident of one of the countries you wish to migrate to. There are agencies that help people move to other countries for a hefty fee. One other way to go to these countries is as a student of either music or some other course that is of interest to you and then work on a part-time basis on your student visa.


Dear Madam,

I am doing my third year BSc. I am aspiring to do my MSc and PhD in Zoology abroad. I want to know if there are any MSc PhD integrated universities abroad? If so, which university is good? Also suggest entrance exams and their annual budget.

A student


Dear Student,

Integrated programmes of MSc and PhD are offered in most universities. These programmes also come with some kind of funding. You have to research websites of different universities extensively and write to professors in each of these universities clearly stating your specialisation interest and research topic.

If they are convinced that you have a flair for research work and will be an asset to their department, they will let you apply to these programmes. The only exams you need to write are GRE and an English test such as TOEFL, PTE or IELTS.


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