Udupi Krishna Temple to get golden Gopura

Udupi Krishna Temple to get golden Gopura

Palimaru Mutt seer Vidyadheesha Swami.

The work of laying golden sheet on the ‘Gopura’ of the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Krishna Temple, Udupi will be begin on November 28 at 7.30 am. The ‘Golden’ Gopura will be ready in the next four months, said Paryaya Palimaru Mutt seer Vidyadheesha Swami.

Addressing reporters at Kanaka Mantapa in Udupi Krishna Mutt on Monday, he said that the ‘Suvarna Gopura’ was one among the dedicated projects during the current paryaya tenure. “About 100 kg gold, worth Rs 32 crore, will be utilised for the purpose.”

Gopura of the temple holds a great significance in Hindu tradition. It is believed that a glance at the gopura is as auspicious as the glance at the Lord.

Normally, gopura of a temple is constructed in Dravidian style of architecture. However, Sri Krishna Temple reflects coastal Karnataka style of architecture.

Silver sheets will be laid on the wooden framework of the gopura. About 500-kg silver will be used for this purpose. Gold will be cast on the silver sheets later. Each square feet of the gopura will be covered by 50 gram of gold. The total area of the gopura is 2,500 sqaure ft.

Devotees have contributed 60-kg gold so far and the rest 40-kg gold will be procured soon, the seer said.

Vidyadheesha Swami, further, said that care would be taken to see that chemicals were not used while laying golden sheets on the gopura.

“The verses from the Sarvamoola Grantha of Sri Madhwacharya , will be inscribed on the golden sheets, using laser technology, along with inscribing 21,600 ‘hamsa mantra’. Latest technology will be used to permanently lay the golden sheets on the gopura.”

Artisans of Vishwakarma community will carryout the wooden work and the artisans from Daivajna community will do the work on gold and silver, the seer added.