Elon Musk embroiled in alleged sexual activity with SpaceX employees, asked them to bear his babies: Report

The legal team of SpaceX and Musk's personal lawyers have, however, denied all allegations against him.
Last Updated : 13 June 2024, 11:21 IST

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Business mogul Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is grabbing the headlines yet again - this time for all the wrong reasons. As per a report by NDTV, the tech tycoon has allegedly been involved in having sexual relations with two SpaceX employees, including an intern, while also asking another employee to bear his babies.

A Wall Street Journal report has revealed that Musk has been accused of fostering a sexist culture in both his firms - SpaceX and Tesla, fuelling an unpleasant and uncomfortable work space for women employees.

This, however, is not the first time when the tech billionaire's name has been dragged in a workplace-related scandal. He has previously been accused of taking substances such as LSD, cocaine, ecstasy, among others while working with board members.

Musk was also previously charged with allegedly promoting an unhealthy work environment, where sexist jokes and unequal pay among men and women were a commonality; complaints were brushed under the carpet, and employees who raised their voices faced termination.

Another ex-employee, who quit SpaceX in 2013, claimed that Musk had repeatedly urged her to bear his babies. Elon Musk, currently a father of 11, had earlier stated that people with a high IQ should have more kids, since he believes that the world is experiencing a severe underpopulation problem.

The legal team of SpaceX and Musk's personal lawyers have, however, denied all allegations against him. "The untruths, mischaracterizations, and revisionist history in your email paint a completely misleading narrative. I continue to be amazed by what this extraordinary group of people are achieving every day even amidst all the forces acting against us. And Elon is one of the best humans I know", President and Chief Operating Officer of SpaceX Gwynne Shotwell was quoted as saying, as per Wall Street Journal's report.

Published 13 June 2024, 11:21 IST

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