Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Music and dance reviews

Haridasa compositions

Sri Purandara Dasa “Punya Dinacharane” is being celebrated by many organisations and temples all over the City. One such organisation, Sri Raghavendra Seva Samithi, is celebrating the auspicious occasion with both cultural and religious rituals, which will be held till January 30. On this occasion discourses, Bhajans and music concerts were held at the Sri Raghavendra Swamy Mutt, Sudhindra Nagara, Malleswaram.

S R Vinay Sharva, who gave a vocal recital in the festival last week, is a disciple of S Shankar and is being groomed by Dr Nedanuri Krishnamurthy, veteran musician. 

He is a MTech graduate and has also won prizes in a few competitions. He was well supported by H S Smitha on violin and C Cheluvaraj on mridanga in the current concert. Vinay Sharva chose a number of Kannada Devaranamas, which suited the occasion. For instance,“Muddu Tharo Eddu Baro Ranga” was a pleasing pada.

Saint Raghavendra Swamy’s only available composition “Indu Enage Govinda” was the main item of the evening. In spite of alapana and swara, it was brief and connoisseurs, he could have added ‘nerval’ also to make it wholesome.
 A caravan of devaranamas followed, like Tunga Teera Virajam, Jagadoddarana, Dasana Madiko Enna and Vandipe Namma Muddu Sharade. However, with his good voice and lively presentation Vinay Sharva succeeded in highlighting emotional overtones of Devaranamas. 

He concluded his concert with a fine Mangala, “Maara Janaka Chaturanana” of Vidya Prasanna Teertha Sripadangallavaru.
Scholarly vocal

Senior vocalist, scholar and able teacher Dr T S Satyavathi delighted the audience with a number of compositions of Haridasas of Karnataka. 

Devaranamas of – Kanaka Dasa, Purandara Dasa, Vyasaraja, Vadiraja, Vijaya Dasa and Vyasa Vittala – brought variety and colour to the programme.

The “Nere Nambida Hridaya” – is a favourite of old timers. She sang “Japava Madidarenu Thapava Madidarenu” in good “vilamba kaala” and with good feeling. A devotional composition “Harinaama Jihweyollira Beku” was given a detailed treatment with ragalapana (Kamavardhini), nerval (Bhutha Daya Paranagirabeku) and Swara prasthara. Satyavathi impressed with her scholarly vocals and mature presentation. 

She was well assisted by her disciple Anjana P Rao and ably supported by Nalina Moha and K U Jayachandra on violin and mridanga, respectively. “Marulu Maadikombeyanthe” in Neelambari and “Ananda mayage” in Madhyamavathi – were also evocative.

Kinkiny dance festival

The annual dance festival of the Kinkiny which opened on Saturday, will conclude on the coming Friday at the JSS Auditorium. Kathak, Odissi, Kuchipudi and Mohiniattam apart from Bharatanatya recitals will be performed by both young and seasoned dancers.

The opening programme of the Nrithyotsava was by an interesting quartet. Four young male dancers Anant Nagaraj, B N Karteek Datar, Somasekhar C and Srinivasan R, have formed a ‘Thandava’ ensemble and have already performed in a few places.

Malhari in the raga Gambheera Nata gave the ‘Thandava’ group a bright start followed by “Sri Gananatham”. The interpretation for the keertana “Amma Anandada­y­a­ni” of Dr M Balamurali Krishan, with chitteswara and well knit jathi, which was attracti­v­e. They performed with ease and confidence and can reach great heights with some more training and proper direction. The “Chaturmukhi” (Gurumurthy) caught the attention with swift foot work and they also chose “Nada­ta­nu­mani­sham’ and the devotional “Yena Bedali Hanuma” (D V Prasanna Kumar). 

They were ably supported by Prasanna Kumar (Natuvanga), Srivatsa (Vocal), Gurumurthy (Mridanga), Shubha Santosh (Veena) and Jayaram (Flute).
Lord Vishnu’s Dashavatara

Dr Vasundhara Doraswamy, senior dancer, teacher and choreographer, along with her ten students presented a few select compositions of Maharaja Swati Tirunal. Opening with the ‘Melaprapthi’ (Khanda Chapu), they moved to another well known keertane “Mamava Sada” in the raga Kaanada.

In the “Dashavathara” led by Vasundhara Doreswamy, young dancers changing their roles in quick succession performed ten incarnations of Vishnu, beautifully. 

With their neat footwork, pleasing Abhinaya and choreography, Vasundhara Doraswamy and her students’ performance was appreciated.

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