How science can make your treats even tastier

It brings them a step closer to creating a new generation of delicious “super strawberries” and creamy, rich chocolate after working out the chemicals responsible for their flavour, aroma and nutritional value.

In one study, researchers decoded the complete genetic make-up of the wild strawberry in an effort to create more flavoursome fruit that is better equipped to withstand disease and Britain’s soggy summers. In a second, they unravelled the DNA code of the cacao tree responsible for producing the world’s finest chocolate, reports the Daily Mail.

But while the findings could lead to tastier treats, they will disturb food traditionalists by paving the way for an increased number of genetically modified fruits and snacks.

The scientists found that the wild strawberry has 35,000 genes, one and half times the number found in humans.

A team from 38 organisations across 10 countries sequenced the full genome of the fruit and identified genes that might be responsible for flavour, aroma, nutritional value and response to disease.

The wild strawberry is closely related to apples, peaches, pears, raspberries and roses—a group called the rosaceae family.

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