Haryana BJP manifesto drifts from competitive populism

Haryana BJP manifesto drifts from competitive populism

I dream of Ram Raj in Haryana, said Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar. Photo/Twitter (BJP Haryana)

The Haryana BJP on Sunday released its manifesto, drifting away from competitive populism and instead preferring realistic announcements for the next five years, if voted to power.

The Congress and the INLD in their manifestos released earlier have promised the moon, committing cash doles for youth, farmers, senior citizens in a desperate bid to woo voters. The Opposition manifestos remained bereft of resource mobilization measures to accommodate such massive cash doles for various categories of beneficiaries. “We have focused on schemes rather than announcements,” Chief Minister ML Khattar, flanked by working BJP national president JP Nadda said on Sunday.

“I dream of Ram Raj in Haryana,” Khattar added.

The BJP manifesto promises to empower youth by earmarking Rs 500 crore in the next five year for skill development of 25 lakh youth. Education loans will be rolled out without any collateral guarantee. The state will have 2000 wellness centres and the concept of smart cities will be extended to all township in Haryana, the manifesto pledges. A loan of Rs 10 lakh will be provided by banks to youth in not more than 60-minutes, the pledge document reads.  

Farmers with less than 5 acres of land will be given a monthly pension of Rs 3000, while loan waiver of up to Rs 50,000 will be for small and marginal farmers.  The documents earmark Rs 1000 crore programmes for various farmer welfare schemes. The BJP has promised sports stadiums in every village along with 1000 sports nurseries in schools.

Working women hostel will be set up in all Haryana districts besides pink bus service will be introduced for women. The pension for senior citizens will be increased by Rs 1000, the manifesto states. Haryana will be free from tuberculosis and malnutrition by 2025, it adds. The document focuses on cow dung and cow urine schemes. Khattar said every village will have a daily bus service as part of the party’s manifesto.  

The Congress has promised Rs 10,000 every month to PG unemployed youth, Rs 7000 for unemployed graduates while decreasing age and increasing pension for the elderly to Rs 5100 every month. The INLD promises monthly unemployment allowance of Rs 15,000.