3 Things to Ask your Car Insurance Provider

Some of the most common dreams that most Indians nurture are to buy a car and to own a comfortable home. Though the latter can be a little difficult because it is a huge investment, the former is more likely to be our first milestone in life after a new job. There is nothing that beats the joy of taking a drive in your own car with your loved ones for the first time. A first-time car owner will have some questions and doubts regarding their car, starting from the maintenance to car insurance and annual expenses. For the maintenance part, you can either hire someone to clean the car every once in a while for you or you can clean it yourself. 

For the insurance part of it, you have to approach a reliable person with relevant knowledge and experience. It could be a dear friend or an insurance policy provider that is recommended by your friends or car dealer. Getting an insurance policy, though it has been made easier by insurance providers around the country, can be slightly overwhelming for the first time. However, asking the following questions to your insurance provider can help with your nerves and understand your policy better. If you’re willing to spend some time to research and read there is a plethora of information available online for policy buyers. 

How much coverage is good coverage?

 In terms of insurance, the golden rule is to make sure your car is neither over-insured nor under-insured. People buying an insurance policy for the first time have a tendency to go overboard and buy an exhaustive policy that might go to waste. So, before you discuss the other aspects of your policy, it is advisable to ask them what are the possible coverages you will need for your vehicle and make use of a premium calculator to know the approximate amount of money you will be shelling out from your pocket before you decide on the policy.

Will I get a special discount or some deal on the insurance policy?

Since the government of India has made it mandatory for car owners to have a third-party liability policy in place, the prices for the same have been made affordable. But, a comprehensive car insurance policy or other add-ons can increase your premium amount by a larger amount. So, it is ideal to ask them if you could get any special discount or deals on your insurance policy. You could leverage one’s clean driving record, a student status, safety systems in the car, a hybrid car, or parking in a proper parking space to get good deals on your insurance policy.

What add-on covers should I avail?

Add-on covers, as the name suggests, provide additional protection to your car in case of an unfortunate event. You could get add-ons that provide protection to the passengers, accessories in the car, and lots more. You can have a detailed discussion regarding the same with your insurance provider and see for yourself if you want an add-on or not. 

These three questions will not only help clear your mind but also help you insure your car correctly and protect your car and your loved ones from any mishaps.