Are Traditional Management Degrees Failing to Secure Jobs? New-age Programs Could Hold the Key

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According to a news report, a whopping 2.5 lakh people apply for management degrees and programs worldwide. While degrees in business and management studies continue to attract interest, the question of whether these degrees enable students to find meaningful employment is difficult to answer and address. 

The India Skill Report 2020 paints a stark picture that the job market is shifting, and an MBA degree is no longer a guaranteed ticket to employment. Only 46.59% of students possess the necessary skills for hire. B-schools are struggling to keep up with the demand for digital skills, hindering the productivity and growth of graduates. This situation calls for an urgent and comprehensive overhaul of existing institutions, a change that cannot wait but will take years to implement. 

A great alternative for young professionals is new age programs being run and introduced by start-ups and edtech companies that are nimble and have a better understanding of what the dynamic needs of today’s tech-driven businesses demand from their current and prospective employees. The Scaler School of Business, launched recently by successful entrepreneurs Anshuman Singh and Abhimanyu Saxena, is a great example of such a course.

Scaler School of Business (SSB) is a postgraduate program with a unique blend of theoretical rigour and practical application that goes far beyond the confines of traditional academia. They offer a meticulously crafted curriculum that mirrors the realities of modern tech and innovation-driven businesses. Integrating elements like a three-month internship, case studies, industry-driven evaluations, and immersive projects sourced directly from leading companies, it is a one-of-a-kind business school built by industry leaders for future industry leaders.

Along with an updated industry-focused curriculum, Scaler School of Business learners will also get access to industry leaders from all domains, such as visiting faculty and super mentors. These leaders will curate engaging hands-on exercises, ensuring students gain practical wisdom from the best in the business. SSB Learners will be able to incubate their ideas, projects, and products while studying at the Scaler Innovation Lab. They will also be able to gain funding and other necessary support from the country’s top VCs and venture funds, who have committed their time and resources to hone the future talent.

The program also allows students to build skills essential in the digital age - fundamentals of digital marketing, applications of Generative AI, Data Science and ML, and learning about other in-demand technologies being used in business. Learners will also be allowed to choose electives such as edtech, fintech, Gen AI, SaaS, Web3 and Blockchain, among others, to help them better understand specific industries. Learners graduating from Scaler School of Business are to be 10 times more efficient and tech-enabled than the average MBA graduate.

The Scaler team works with more than 1200 employer-partners internationally, including the top names in every tech sector like Google, Goldman Sachs, Amazon, Meta, Flipkart, Zomato, Airtel, Wells Fargo, PayPal and others, who regularly hire Scaler alums, and these existing relationships will be leveraged to help SSB learners build sustainable careers.

For more information: https://www.scaler.com/school-of-business/

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Published 24 June 2024, 12:08 IST

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