From Homemaker to Event Maestro: The Inspiring Journey of Priya Raju Iyengar and Ojas Svasti Events

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In an era marked by unprecedented challenges and changes, Priya Raju Iyengar's story stands as a testament to resilience, adaptability, and entrepreneurial spirit. Initially a homemaker, Priya's journey took a transformative turn during the COVID-19 pandemic. The global crisis that forced many into isolation and uncertainty also served as the catalyst for Priya's foray into the world of early childhood education, as she embraced the role of a preschool teacher. However, her ambitions didn't stop there. Driven by a desire to expand her horizons, Priya ventured into entrepreneurship, a decision that led to the creation of Ojas Svasti Events, a thriving event management company co-founded with Arun Iyengar, a trusted family friend.

Ojas Svasti Events was born from a vision of creating memorable and meticulously planned events that cater to the diverse needs of clients. The company offers a comprehensive suite of services, including venue booking, flower decoration, photo and videography, catering, beautician and Mehendi services, and return gifts. This diverse portfolio ensures that every aspect of an event is covered, allowing clients to enjoy their special moments without the stress of logistics.

What sets Ojas Svasti Events apart from other event management companies is its unwavering commitment to customization. Priya and Arun believe that every event should be a reflection of the client's vision and personality, regardless of the budget. This philosophy has become their Unique Selling Proposition (USP), resonating deeply with clients who seek personalized and budget-friendly solutions.

The team takes pride in their ability to understand the client's needs and preferences, crafting events that not only meet but often exceed expectations. This dedication to customization has earned them a loyal clientele and a stellar reputation in the industry.

From its humble beginnings, Ojas Svasti Events has grown significantly, extending its footprint across PAN India. The company has successfully organized numerous events, fulfilling the dreams of individuals, corporations, and families. One of their notable achievements includes organizing large consumer fairs, which have become a hallmark of their expertise. These events attract a diverse audience and provide a platform for various businesses to showcase their products and services.

Additionally, Ojas Svasti Events has ventured into organizing flea markets at apartment associations, creating vibrant and engaging community experiences. These markets not only provide a space for local vendors to thrive but also foster a sense of community among residents. By diversifying their offerings, Priya and Arun have ensured that Ojas Svasti Events remains relevant and versatile in a competitive market.

Priya and Arun understand that an event is not just a gathering but an opportunity to create lasting memories. Their approach goes beyond mere event planning; it's about engaging the senses and forging connections that endure long after the event is over. This dedication to quality has earned Ojas Svasti Events a reputation for reliability and excellence.

Priya Raju Iyengar's journey is not just about personal success; it's about inspiring others to embrace change, pursue their dreams, and create their own paths to success.

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Published 11 July 2024, 07:28 IST

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