From Jerseys to Accessories: How Spokeherd's Merchandise Line is Transforming Cycling Gear in India

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New Delhi (India), July 3: Cycling enthusiasts are increasingly recognising gear is as crucial as the right bike. This shift in mindset has created a demand for high-quality, performance-enhancing cycling apparel and accessories. 

Spokeherd, India's premier cycling community platform, has risen to meet this challenge with a vision that extends beyond just bikes. By developing a comprehensive merchandise line that combines functionality, comfort, and style, Spokeherd is not only addressing the evolving needs of cyclists but also changing what Indian riders wear both on and off the saddle. 

A New Era in Cycling Gear

Spokeherd's mission lies in a simple yet powerful idea: proper gear is essential for an optimal cycling experience. This philosophy has driven the company to develop a comprehensive range of cycling merchandise that caters to riders of all levels, from casual weekend cyclists to dedicated enthusiasts.

From Head to Toe: A Complete Cycling Wardrobe

Spokeherd's product line covers every aspect of a cyclist's needs:

Jerseys & Tops: Engineered for Performance

Spokeherd's cycling jerseys blend style with functionality. Available for both men and women, these tops feature moisture-wicking fabrics, ergonomic designs, and various colours and tastes.

Bottoms and Bib Shorts: Comfort Meets Endurance

Understanding the importance of lower body comfort during long rides, Spokeherd offers a variety of bottoms and bib shorts. These products incorporate padding and flexible materials to reduce fatigue and enhance performance.

Accessories: The Finishing Touches

From cycling vests and arm warmers to neck gaiters and sports face masks, Spokeherd's accessories line ensures that riders are prepared for any condition. Practical items like water sippers and rucksacks complete the range, catering to cyclists' every need.

Inclusivity at the Core

Spokeherd's commitment to inclusivity is evident in every aspect of its merchandise line. The company offers unisex collections, a wide range of sizes, and diverse color options, ensuring that every rider can find gear that fits both their body and their style.

"Cycling is for everyone," the founder emphasises. "Our merchandise reflects this belief, breaking down barriers and inviting all to join the cycling community, regardless of gender, body type, or skill level."

Quality and Functionality: The Spokeherd Standard

Each item in Spokeherd's merchandise line is crafted with meticulous attention to quality and functionality. High-performance materials are selected for durability and comfort, while innovative features are incorporated to enhance the cycling experience.

Spokeherd's merchandise does more than clothe cyclists – it unites them. By wearing Spokeherd gear, riders become part of a larger community, instantly recognisable to fellow enthusiasts. By providing high-quality, accessible gear to all types of riders, the brand is helping to normalize cycling as a part of daily life in India.

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Published 03 July 2024, 11:48 IST

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