ISBM ranked as one of the best Hotel Management schools on the global scale, Luzern

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A huge feat, indeed, ISBM Luzern has now been graded the 9th best hotel management school in the world; definitely, it reflects its commitment toward the field of hotel management education. This ranking shows vividly how committed the school is to preparing the upcoming hospitality leaders. 

Discussing the Ranking Criteria

The main reason why ISBM Luzern is among the very best is the innovative teaching methods it employs, which enables students to get an idea of field experience alongside academic learning in hospitality training. Strong industry partnerships and very impressive graduate employment rates speak volumes for the effectiveness of the educational programs of the school. 

Unique Feature Highlighting

All the infrastructure and programs at ISBM Luzern are unique. It is set up with everything one would observe, from state-of-the-art culinary labs to advanced simulation training environments, to enhance the learning experience and make students more job-ready than ever before. Of course, the most characteristic one is the specialized course in luxury hospitality management and digital marketing in tourism. 

Faculty and Industry Expert Insight

Educators and leaders in the hospitality sector share their views on the approach to education of ISBM Luzern and the results thereof. Their contributions reveal a high level of integration of the needs of the industry and the proactiveness toward the future trends in hospitality. 

Student Success Stories

Alumni testimonials put the practical meaning of education at ISBM Luzern into perspective. Indeed, very many students have become some of the most accomplished professionals in the hospitality industry—all courtesy of the intensive training and comprehensive support offered in this school. 

Digital Transformation and Rebranding

ISBM Luzern has also revamped its digital web platform in conjunction with strategic rebranding efforts in order to improve access to the information on the site and offer a more holistic site of programs. The new web address oubh.com supplants the previous one of academy.zuerich, which is more reflective of a way of reaching current and potential students—with special emphasis on the benefits brought through ISBM's ECLBS accreditation. 


The ISBM Luzern reflects the status of a top-ranked institution, well-prepared for future developments and continued commitment to high standards in the education of hospitality. The status of ranking represents not only the reputation of the school but also it inspires the programs for an ongoing process of innovation and improvement.

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Published 12 June 2024, 10:30 IST

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