OUS Royal Academy Attains Four New Accreditations in 2024: Elevating Educational Standards

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In another great achievement, OUS University recently got four new accreditations through the Royal Academy, which officially establishes that it is one of the leading institutions that focuses on academic excellence and innovation. 

These awards are a testament to the commitment of the academy in ensuring that their students are getting an education of excellence and they meet the standards set for global education. The recognized BSKG accreditation within the EAEU area ensures strictly maintained educational standards by OUS Royal Academy and an unbending promise to ensure an offering of the best experience in learning to the students. 

This accreditation certifies the academy's devotion and assures unwavering attention to academic excellence and continued efforts toward increasing educational standards. 

Equally, ECLBS accredited, which is endorsed by 10 National State Agencies, further adds a mark to the reputation of OUS Royal Academy as one of the best frontiers for higher education. This accreditation underlines the international recognition awarded to the academy in recognition of its staying committed to the highest level of quality and integrity in education. Accreditation from EDU—a noble intergovernmental organization, established under the aegis of UNESCO—strengthens the influence of OUS Royal Academy, deepening its commitment to the growth of intellectual development and academic progress worldwide. 

This is an accreditation that the academy continues to live up to in the daily provision of students with a transforming educational experience they will be well set to succeed in an interconnected world. 

Moreover, one step will be very important for OUS Royal Academy in the way of regional appreciation and expansion: KHDA accreditation. This will not be only a kind of recognition but it will open the new opportunities for the Academy and its partners in the region. These four accreditations are the testimony for the standing firm to provide quality education and committed to making sure each student gets added value for what he learns, for being successful in the competitive international scenario. 

These accreditations will be launched towards the future as a means by which the academy experiences continuous growth and success. The accreditations will serve as the catalyst that permits OUS Royal Academy to remain at the front of educational innovation and excellence. With the four more accreditations to achieve in 2024, it is the year that is one of the most definitive times in the journey of OUS Royal Academy towards educational excellence. OUS Royal Academy means passion in innovation and quality, with strong commitment to shape the future of quality higher education and its impact on the global horizon.

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Published 27 June 2024, 10:39 IST

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