Transform Your Life: Gagan Dhawan's Guide to Health and Wellness in 'The New Me'

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The New Me is a modern-day practical guide that will help you integrate healthy habits into your everyday life, seamlessly. Author and successful entrepreneur Gagan Dhawan share thoughts and secrets to help you through.

Dramatically changing lifestyles, ever-mounting stress levels, never-ending to-do lists, and the race to lead in all spheres…. Sounds familiar? 

In a setting as challenging as this, here’s how you can keep your health and happiness in your hands. The New Me is a modern-day practical guide that will help you integrate healthy habits into your everyday life, seamlessly. Author and successful entrepreneur Gagan Dhawan shares thoughts and secrets to help you through.  

How did a successful entrepreneur land up in the world of health books as an author? 

A few years back, I found myself in a doctor’s chamber with a prescription for tons of medicines for high cholesterol and hypertension. It was a rude eye-opener and directed me towards tedious research and consultancy with many experts, both in India and abroad. I went on a 90-day routine for health and wellness change. I switched to a plant-based diet and began to make small changes in my lifestyle. After 3 months of following the regime religiously, my medical reports took a turn for the better. I was fit! That’s how the concept of The New Me came to life. I wanted every person to feel as driven, fit, and full of vitality as I do, and that’s how this book came to life.  

What in your opinion is the one health mantra that is the most crucial to integrate health into everyday lifestyle?

Consistency is the key! Consistently following a balanced diet, regular exercise and proper sleep can lead to significant improvements in overall health. You don’t need to make big changes everyday; small, sustainable changes over time can yield remarkable results. 

What are the benefits of a plant-based vegan diet in today’s day and age?  

Honestly, my health concerns were resolved by switching to a plant-based diet. Vegan diets provide much-needed fibre, antioxidants, and many nutrients to the body. Not just weight management, one can reverse diseases, your skin starts glowing, and this positivity gives you added confidence. Most importantly, it reduces your environmental footprint by minimizing resource-intensive animal agriculture.  

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector, what measure do you suggest to those who try to change their lifestyle, and fail repeatedly due to some reason or another? 

There are some simple steps for successful lifestyle changes, which can help you integrate health into your everyday life. First is to Relax! Okay, there’s been a slip-up on the health front, but don’t beat yourself up about it. Second, acknowledge and accept the gap and create a positive mindset; don’t succumb to it. Thirdly, identify triggers and look for recurring situations or emotions that lead to setbacks. Then you can think of simple, practical solutions that help bring you back to the healthy path. And lastly, try again! Try and try and try, because each attempt is a step forward.  

Learn to say yes to healthy choices consciously at first, so that it comes naturally to you eventually.  

How is your book “The New Me” different from other health and fitness books and self-help manuals and how can it help readers in their health journey? 

“The New Me" stands out by offering a comprehensive, holistic approach to health and wellness. There’s:

 1. Holistic Health Coverage: Covers nutrition, fitness, lifestyle, yoga, and sexual well-being for a well-rounded understanding of health.

2. Inspirational Stories: Includes short, inspirational health stories of real-life popular people, providing motivation and relatable success stories.

3. Accessible and Practical Information: Information is presented clearly, with Easy-to-implement tips for starting a health journey.

4. Integration of Health Practices: Integrates fitness routines, yoga, lifestyle and nutrition tips for a comprehensive health strategy.

5. Sustainable Changes: Focuses on sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes. 

For readers who may be hesitant about making the switch to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle, what practical advice or strategies do you offer to ease the transition? 

One strategy that works wonders is “PEACE”-

P- Plan your meals on a daily basis.

E - Experiment with new fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes to diversify your diet.

A - Accept plant-based alternatives like almond milk, tofu, vegan cheeses and meat substitutes.

C - Change gradually and give time for the mind and body to accept the change.

E - Embrace kindness. If you make mistakes, stay focused on progress and your reasons for transitioning. 

By following the PEACE strategy, you can smoothly transition to a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.  

How can one achieve a balance between physical, mental and emotional health?

They are all interconnected. If one is out of balance, the other two will also be affected. 

• Take care of your physical health by eating well, getting adequate rest and exercise, and getting fresh air and exposure to sunlight.

•  Take a sound sleep of 6-8 hours.

•  Spend time with people whose company you enjoy.

•Pursue a hobby or a new activity.

•  Manage your stress.

•  Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and boundaries.

•  Practice gratitude.

If your current habits aren’t ideal, don’t worry about getting them perfect right from the start. Pick one change to focus on at a time, so that you can turn these into lifelong habits. 

Gagan Dhawan is a successful entrepreneur, a fitness enthusiast who enjoys reading and motivating people to find their best versions.   

Title: The New Me

Author: Gagan Dhawan

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

MRP: 350

Pages: 104


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Published 08 July 2024, 09:19 IST

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