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Quick Answer: The best website to buy Instagram followers is Ookfy.com. This website offers genuine, real, active, and 100% non-drop followers that can massively boost your account's engagement.

Ookfy.com is better for buying Instagram followers when compared to other websites since it has mostly positive reviews, feedback, affordable plans, quick and optimal delivery, and a reliable customer support team.

Becoming a popular brand, business, or influencer on social media, especially on Instagram, takes a lot of hard work, patience, and time. Without a large following, you can sell your product or promote your business on Instagram. Here is when users prefer to buy Instagram followers.

Not just small brands or businesses but many famous personalities, figures, and influencers buy Instagram followers to boost their engagement on the platform.

However, buying Instagram followers is easy as it looks. You need to find a reputable provider to get real and active followers. Last time I have mentioned best 7 sites to buy twitter followers. Today, we've researched and found out the top 7 best sites to buy Instagram followers. Have a look at them below!


Top 7 Best Websites to Buy Instagram Followers

Score: 9.5/10

Ookfy.com is our top pick on the list of best websites to buy Instagram followers. With a lot of positive feedback, reviews, and recommendations from leading social media marketing agencies, Ookfy.com stands out to be the top of the list.

Ookfy.com is one of the well-renowned and established sites to buy real and active Instagram followers. When you buy Instagram followers from Ookfy, you are ensured to get 100%, non-drop followers.

Ookfy.com delivers followers that generally have a profile picture set up on their Instagram account, which ensures that followers are real. Moreover, the followers will have several posts, a setup bio, and other stuff which indicates a real Instagram account.


• Best website for buying Instagram followers
• 100% non-drop followers
• Real and active users


• No cons so far

For more information, please visit: Ookfy.com

Score: 9.3/10

Buyinstafollowers.xyz is another best website to buy Instagram followers is buyfol.com which takes a different approach to delivering your followers. The website optimizes the ad campaigns effectively to deliver quality and active followers.

Since BIF optimizes the ad campaign to deliver you followers, you get 100% targeted followers on your Instagram account/profile, which eventually helps you grow your account organically.

While buying Instagram followers or any other marketing service from BIF, if you have any questions in your mind, you can contact their 24x7 live customer support, which is committed to helping you throughout.


• A committed team of experts
• Optimized ad campaigns to deliver followers
• Live chat support


• Plans are slightly expensive

For more information, please visit: Buyfol.com


Score: 9.0/10

Firezup.com is an excellent choice for small businesses, brands, celebrities, and public figures to buy Instagram followers and increase their follower count, as this site presents some of the most affordable packages in the market.

Rushmax plans start from as low as $2 and goes as high as your requirements. You can buy followers in any amount you want since the website offers a customizable plan where you can signify the number of followers you need, and the site will provide you with the price.
With Firezup.com, you can buy Instagram followers at a discounted price. The higher plan you buy from the website, the heavy discount you are likely to get.

Not just the website specializes in delivering cheap Instagram followers, but it also prioritizes quality. Plus, Firezup.com has one of the best teams of customer support executives, as they are always ready to solve your problem on a priority basis.


• Cheap plans
• Customized options
• Reliable customer support team


• Delivery time could have been a little improved

For more information, please visit: Firezup.com


Score: 7.9/10

Buzoid.com claims to boost your social media presence by offering you high-quality, real, active, and 100% non-drop Instagram followers. Using Buzoid.com is as simple as a walk in the park.

Simply choose the package according to your need, enter some details like email address, Name, and Instagram username/ account URL, choose the payment option, and make the payment. That's it.

One of the reasons we loved Buzoid.com the most is the team of experts who supply followers on your Instagram account and constantly monitor it to ensure that the followers do not drop off.


• No drop followers
• Easy to use
• Quality and active followers


• Average customer support

For more information, please visit: Buzoid.com


Score: 7.5/10

Viralft.com is committed to providing you with real and active Instagram followers. Viralft is one of the most reputable and reliable sites for not just buying Instagram followers but many other marketing services for other social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

Viralft.com ensures to deliver authentic and targeted followers, which makes it a great option for individuals and brands to appeal to a specific niche, region, or industry of people. From as low as 100 followers to as high as 100,000 or more, you can choose from your desired plan on the website.

On top of everything else, Viralft.com is ideal for you if you are seeking a quick delivery of followers since the delivery of followers starts within 10 minutes of placing your order on the website.


• Various marketing services
• Guaranteed results
• Targeted followers


• Plans could have been a little cheaper
For more information, please visit: Viralft.com

Score: 7.1/10

Next up on the list is buytwitterfollowers.co, which is another reliable and reputable provider for buying Instagram followers. Many big social media marketers, companies, and agencies recommend buytwitterfollower.co for buying genuine and authentic Instagram followers.

In addition to quality and active followers, buytwitterfollower.co offers some of the most affordable plans in the market. Depending upon your goals of followers and budget, you can select any package that fits your requirements.

You can select the most basic package to check the quality of followers, and then you can move to the high-end plans which offer more followers.

As far as the delivery time of buytwitterfollower.co is concerned, then you don't have to worry about it, as the delivery of followers will start within a few minutes.

The best part about buytwitterfollowers.co is that it doesn't ask you for your Instagram Account password, OTP, or any other personal information that can breach the security of your account later, which eventually makes it one of the secure websites to buy Instagram followers.


• Recommended by leading social media marketing giants
• Affordable plans
• Prompt delivery
• No personal information required


• Customer support could have been better
For more information, please visit: buytwitterfollowers.co


Score: 7.0/10

Last but not least, Adflee.com is another great website to buy Instagram followers at affordable prices. The website offers 100 followers for as low as $2, and the prices go up as the followers count goes up.

Moreover, you can choose customized plans where you can specify the need of followers, and Adflee.com will provide you with discounted quotations. Adflee.com is a superb website for buying Instagram followers, as it does not break the bank and offers you followers, for pennies.

Buying followers from Adflee.com is as easy as a piece of cake. You can simply choose the desired plan, enter some details, choose the payment option, and make the payment. While Adflee.com deliver followers to your Instagram account, you can grab a cup of coffee.


• Intuitive and easy-to-use interface
• Highly discounted packages
• Low pricing


• Average delivery time

For more information, please visit: Qlizz.com

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Can I Buy Instagram Followers From These Websites?

Buying Instagram followers from the websites mentioned above on the list is a simple and straightforward process. You can explore any of these websites and choose the desired service; it can be Instagram followers, Instagram post likes, or any other service.

On the next page, select the package, enter some common details like Email Address, Name, and Instagram Username, and make the payment.

Make sure to set your Instagram account visibility to "Public" while buying Instagram followers or any other services from the websites.

Also, ensure that you don't give any personal information like your account password, OTP, pin, etc., to any website.

What Are Some Other Ways to Gain Instagram Followers?

• Start by posting high-quality content that is engaging to your target audience.
• You must use prevalent and trending hashtags.
• If you have a substantial amount of following on your Instagram profile, you can collaborate with other influencers or brands within your niche or industry.
• Run some contests and giveaways on your Instagram page to get more followers organically.
• Use Facebook and Twitter to share your Instagram profile.
• Apart from regular posts, use other methods like Reels and Stories to engage potential followers.
• You can use Instagram ads to get more reach on the platform.
• Convert your Instagram account to a brand account and monitor the analytics to track progress.

What is the average time it takes for my Instagram account to get followers?

When you buy Instagram followers from any of the mentioned websites, the average delivery time can vary from 10 minutes to 1 hour.

If a website promises instant follower delivery, your Instagram account might be on the list of suspects since the followers offered could be bots or false followers.

Are There Any Drawbacks of Buying Instagram Followers?

While most websites or companies promise to offer you real and active Instagram followers, some of the websites may not be legitimate and offer bot or fake followers, which can degrade the quality of your account by delivering you fake followers.

However, if you buy Instagram from authentic and genuine websites, as we have mentioned on this list, the Instagram algorithm will not send your account any red flags. So, make sure to buy followers from a genuine website.

What is the Actual Cost of Instagram Followers?

The pricing of Instagram followers can vary largely on the website and its packages. Most of the genuine website, as we have mentioned on the list, offers 100 Instagram followers for as low as $2, which is general and fair pricing for high-quality, active, and non-drop followers.

However, if some website is offering you an even cheaper price, then it may deliver you bot or fake followers, so beware of such websites while buying Instagram followers.

Which Payment Method Should I Use to Buy Instagram Followers?

You can use any of your desired payment methods, in general, to buy Instagram followers, like Credit/Debit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, etc. But if a website looks suspicious to you, you should not use a Credit/Debit card as a payment method.

Which Delivery is Better: Slow or Fast When Buying Instagram Followers from a Website?

Slow or fast delivery can vary depending on the website and not just on the quality of followers. Most reputable websites will supply you followers in a fair time, like a few minutes to a couple of hours.

However, if a website is sending you instant followers within a few minutes, it could be because the followers are generated using software, and they are highly likely to be bot followers.

Should I Buy Bot Instagram Followers If I Have a Low Budget?

No, we strictly recommend you not buy Instagram followers that are bot or software-generated since it can lead to the suspension/ban of your Instagram profile, and you will lose all your money or investment.

Can I Buy Targeted Instagram Followers from These Websites?

While most of these sites do not let you directly buy targeted Instagram followers, they do have a team of specialists that execute an ad campaign to offer targeted followers. Therefore, you will get targeted Instagram followers.

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