Mikro Grafeio: Pioneering Integrated Solutions for Sustainable Business Brilliance

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New Delhi (India), August 11: Established in 2021, Mikro Grafeio is a social impact startup on a mission to create 100,000 job opportunities in tier 2 & 3 cities in India, enabling local economies to thrive. Mikro Grafeio intends to achieve this goal by offering integrated workspace & workforce solutions, advisory and consulting for businesses to help them set up operations beyond metros and Tier 1 cities.  Catering to a wide array of sectors, the firm concentrates on organizations aspiring to establish or broaden their operations. 

Company Overview

Grafted from the seeds of ingenuity and driven by a spirit of collaboration, Mikro Grafeio stands tall as a vanguard, propelling the concept of integrated workspace and workforce solutions in tier 2 and 3 cities to uncharted heights. Its genesis lies in visionary founding principles that echo a passionate pursuit of redefining business landscapes. The bedrock of Mikro Grafeio's ascendancy lies in the seamless confluence of workspace and workforce functionalities and advisory and consulting for businesses to help them set up operations beyond metros and Tier 1 cities. Equipped with a finely honed understanding of the specific needs of each niche, Mikro Grafeio kindles the flames of enterprise brilliance.

Empowering Rural India: Creating Distributed Workspaces

Mikro Grafeio's innovative approach to creating employment opportunities in Tier 2 & 3 towns revolves around providing distributed workspaces. These workspaces are process-ready, people-ready, and performance-ready, supported by robust IT infrastructure. By bringing job opportunities closer to home, the company aims to attract corporates to move their operations to these regions, fostering local economic growth. The firm's distinctive approach to workspace solutions is both economical and adaptable, offering a one-stop solution for businesses. This includes strategic consultation, regulatory compliance, public relations, assistance with expatriate relocation, and cultural assimilation.

Moreover, by improving social infrastructure and work environments, Mikro Grafeio hopes to fuel local businesses, creating a sustainable ecosystem that benefits both entrepreneurs and employees. Additionally, the company envisions aligning with corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, encouraging corporates to invest in these towns, thus further strengthening the local ecosystem and positively impacting rural livelihoods.

Fostering Inclusive Employment and Women Empowerment

As a social impact start-up, Mikro Grafeio is committed to creating a more inclusive workforce. By providing essential skilling, training, and mentorship programs, the company empowers individuals in Tier 2 & 3 towns, making them employment-ready. Their workforce solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses, thereby facilitating their growth and prosperity.

These efforts not only address employment disparities but also foster a culture of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. Additionally, Mikro Grafeio's women-only workspaces and upskilling initiatives are driving women empowerment, breaking barriers, and promoting gender equality.

Environmental Responsibility for a Greener Future

Mikro Grafeio takes environmental responsibility seriously, aligning its practices with the goal of building a sustainable future. The company's distributed workspaces significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional work models. By encouraging eco-friendly commute practices and reducing travel time, Mikro Grafeio actively contributes to environmental preservation. As businesses shift some of their operations to Tier 2 & 3 towns, this move towards sustainable work practices is further bolstered, making a positive impact on the planet.

Mikro Grafeio is steadfast in its commitment to promoting sustainable business practices. The firm's workspace and workforce solutions are devised with a focus on environmental stewardship, energy conservation, and community involvement. Mikro Grafeio's holistic solutions have led to cost savings, reduced attrition, and enhanced productivity. Within a span of 18 months, the firm has established 38 workspaces across 33 locations in India, generating over 2000 to 2500 jobs.


With a mission of creating 100,000 job opportunities in tier 2 & 3 cities in India, Mikro Grafeio is a trailblazer in delivering holistic workspace and workforce solutions, thereby fostering sustainable business excellence. The firm's innovative approach and dedication to sustainability position it as a leader in its domain, offering invaluable services to businesses aspiring to establish or expand their operations in India.

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Published 11 August 2023, 11:27 IST

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