The Lead: The state of the automobile industry

Last Updated 23 December 2020, 02:55 IST

In this episode of The Lead from DH Radio, we look into the graph of the automobile industry through the pandemic, what went wrong, and the hope for a better new year.

Ahmed Shariff: Hi and welcome to the Lead by DH Radio. 2020 is hasn't been a star of a year for many and more so for the automobile industry. The pandemic hit it hard. In today's episode, my colleague Vivek Phadnis tells us what went wrong for the automobile industry and its hopes for a better new year.

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Hi Vivek and welcome to DH Radio.

Vivek Phadnis: Hi, Ahmed. Hope you are doing fine.

Ahmed: I am doing fine, hoping for a better new year...

Vivek: Yes, Yes... It has been a terrible year and the gloom has just been too much to bear sometimes and we all hoping for a better 2021.

Ahmed: Same here. My first question to you is: Before 2020, that is the pre-pandemic era, how was the auto industry like?

Vivek: Before the pandemic hit, the auto industry was one of the largest markets in the world. Even before the pandemic hit, the auto industry was going through a slowdown for approximately one and a half years...

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(Published 23 December 2020, 02:36 IST)

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