Animal sacrifice: Govt seeks info from Shivamogga DC

Animal sacrifice: Govt seeks info from Shivamogga DC

 The Karnataka government has sought details from the Shivamogga deputy commissioner on the reports of animal sacrifice at a yaga in Shivamogga taluk, last month.

Eight goats were sacrificed by a section of Sankethi Brahmins at Soma Yaga at Srikantapura in Shivamogga taluk during a six-day yaga held from April 22 for “public welfare”.

“We have read the media reports about the incident and more information has been sought from the deputy commissioner. We will decide on our next step of action after getting the report,” Law Minister T B Jayachandra told reporters in Bengaluru on Wednesday.

He said the state’s anti-superstition bill was in the final stages of scrutiny and would be tabled in the legislature soon.

Meanwhile,  Sanath Kumar, a Sanskrit scholar and organiser of the controversial soma yaga said the ritual was performed for the welfare of the public.

“Is there any rule in the Indian Constitution which forbids yagas?” he asked.
Speaking to media persons at Mattur in Shivamogga district on Wednesday, he said goats were worshipped during the yaga but not sacrificed.

“A drink made from soma plant, available in the Himalayas, was consumed at the event. It is not liquor as is being portrayed in the media. ‘Soma rasa’ is a medicine that can cure more than 32 diseases. Drinking it during the yaga is a tradition,” he said.

When asked about the consumption of meat, he said each person had his/her own food habits. “We have our own food habits and nobody has imposed it on us. None has the right to question it,” he said.

He said it was an open secret that thousands of animals were being sacrificed for various reasons. “Nobody questions it. But all of a sudden, people are discussing soma yaga unnecessarily. The yaga was not done for personal gains,” he said.

Member of the Legislative Council, M B Bhanuprakash of the BJP, said he, too, had taken part in the yaga one day. “But I did not see any animal being sacrificed. If such a thing has happened, then it’s against the Constitution. The Sangh Parivar will oppose it,” he said.