'Ban on plastic, a torment to plastic industries'

'Ban on plastic, a torment to plastic industries'

The members of the Karnataka State Plastic Association staged a protest against the plastic ban stating that the government's move is “unscientific” and “unjustified”, on Friday at the Freedom Park. DH photo

The Karnataka State Plastic Association (KSPA) claims that the ban on plastic in the state is unjustified and has caused considerable loss to the plastic industry.

Its members staged a protest on Friday at the Freedom Park against the plastic ban stating that the government's move is “unscientific” and “unjustified”.

They claimed that the ban has not only affected the employees of the plastic industry but also various sectors in the state.

“The government on March 11 issued an official gazette notification stating a complete ban on plastic and all plastic and thermocol products in the state. This included plastic carry bags, banners, flexes, cups, spoons, plates etc. But the amendment made by the previous government in April 2018 has brought about the ban on “plastic bags” which means the plastic material used for the purpose of carrying and dispensing commodities. This happened without consulting stakeholders and general traders in commodities and hotel industries,” said Vijaykumar, President, KSPA.

Over 47 sectors including small-scale vendors, bakery industries, garment factories, automobile industries, hotel industries have been facing the brunt of the situation, said KSPA members.

“The ban on plastic bags has derailed the production, packaging and the supplied schedules of these industries. The export in garment factories is slowed down due to non-availability of the packaging material,” said one of the KSPA members.

The members also claimed that the ban was also risking the jobs of the employees of plastic industries who have been working for the past 30 years now. Over one lakh families are suffering directly due to ban, they said.