Gang offers lift and robs marketing executive

Gang offers lift and robs marketing executive

Four men kidnapped a 38-year-old marketing executive on the pretext of giving him a drop to Banashankari and robbed him off his valuables on Saturday night.

The incident took place at Nayandahalli on Mysore Road on Sunday. On returning to Bengaluru from Kozhikode, the victim, Thomas, (name changed) was waiting for a cab at Nayandahalli around 12.30 am when he was approached by a driver, who offered him a lift to Banashankari.

Not suspecting anything fishy in the offer, Thomas placed all his bags in the car and sat in the rear. Immediately, two others joined him in the rear while another man sat in the front.

The gang assaulted Thomas and took all his valuables, including his wallet. After driving around for a while, the gang arrived at a petrol pump to refuel. As three of them stepped out, leaving just the driver in the car, Thomas attacked the driver and escaped from the car. Hearing his screams, the staff of the petrol pump came to his rescue but the gang managed to flee in their car.

Later, Thomas told the police that the accused had claimed to have killed more than 21 people and throw their bodies into open drains and lakes. He said the accused were speaking in Kannada and Hindi.

The Byatarayanapura police have registered a case and are analysing the  CCTV footage.