Man assaults friend after asking his wife's number

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A man allegedly abducted and assaulted his friend when the latter objected him for asking his wife's phone number.

According to police, Prakash assaulted his friend Hukum Das (25).

Das, who worked at a plaza in Chickpet’s AM Lane, knew Prakash for over two years. Prakash would often frequent Das's house, the police said.

Three months ago, when the duo had gone to Das’ house, Prakash had asked Das’ wife to give him her phone number. However, she refused to do so and informed about this to her husband.

When Das questioned Prakash about his behaviour, Prakash told Das not to tell about this to anyone or else he would spread the news that Das had not returned his Rs 3 lakh.

On July 31, Prakash and his three accomplices came to Das’ work place and took him to another friend’s room, where they assaulted him with a rod. They then took in writing saying that Das owed Prakash Rs 3 lakh. They threatened Das not to talk about the incident to anyone.

However, after managing to get away from them, Das approached the city market police and filed a complaint.

However, the police suspect Das's statements and are waiting to question Prakash to ascertain the exact facts.

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