Canine clubs want breed Mudhol's recognized globally

Canine clubs want breed Mudhol's recognized globally

Percy Romero/Pinterest

In the upcoming International Dog Show, the Canine Club of India and the Bangalore Canine Club will be pushing the Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) to recognise the desi dog breed Mudhol. FCI is the largest international federation of kennel clubs that encourage and promote the use of purebred dogs.

“We will promote the Mudhol breed this year to be recognised by FCI. It can then represent our country in International dog shows abroad. These dogs are more active, capable and powerful hunters making them perfect to serve in the army and police departments. It is high time that this breed gets International recognition. Hopefully, it will be recognised this time,” Santosh, treasurer of Bangalore Canine Club told DH.

Scheduled over the weekend at White Orchid in Manyata Tech Park, it will see several international breeds participating apart from rare Indian breeds like Afghan
Hounds, Tibetan Terrier and Maltese.

“We are keen to encourage ‘Bred in India’ concept this year. There will also be a special prize for the same. There are more than 300 registered breeds adhering to the FCI standards. The results will be based on how close the dog is to the actual breed,” Santosh added.