CNG: Authorities worked in tandem to avert disaster

CNG: Authorities worked in tandem to avert disaster

A team of GAIL officials inspects the damaged pipeline in Garudacharapalya on Whitefield Main Road on Monday.

Timely and concerted efforts of police, firefighters and officials from Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL) not only averted a possible disaster after the damage of a CNG pipeline but also minimised traffic snarls in eastern Bengaluru’s KR Puram on Monday. 

Additional Commissioner of Police (Traffic) P Harishekaran said a series of efforts taken by officials from different departments prevented a major incident. 

Immediately after getting to know of the leak, traffic police alerted the control room about the diversions and BMTC buses on the route were stopped. The police surrounded the cordoned spot and did not allow anyone to go near the area. 

The police chased away curious onlookers. Fire and emergency services personnel evacuated people from areas near the spot and cordoned off the surrounding area. Medical teams were put on standby. “By taking all these steps, our men averted a potential explosion-like disaster. Had the leakage happened during peak hour, the congestion on the road and the higher temperature would have posed a major risk,” Harishekaran said.

BMRCL didn’t take permission: GAIL

GAIL, whose Quick Response Team played a crucial role in the early completion of the repair, said the BMRCL did not obtain permission before starting the work.  “Necessary civic permission is required for undertaking the construction work by any agency, but no permission was taken by Bengaluru metro from GAIL. A complaint was filed by GAIL on the incident at the Mahadevapura police station for which an FIR was registered,” the release said.