Dandiya is back with full fervour in the city

Dandiya is back with full fervour in the city

Dandiya is back in the city with full fervor this Navaratri with various Gujarati communities raving traditionally and non-Gujarati communities going western through Disco Dandiya.

Dandiya is back in the city with full fervour this Navaratri with some Gujarati and non-Gujarati communities sticking to tradition while some have gone western with Disco Dandiya. 

Swaying to the traditional Garba (dance) attired in chaniya cholis beating colourful wooden sticks (dandiyas) in rhythm is the way that Shree Indiranagar Gujarati Association in Mahadevapura is celebrating its 31st Dandiya. The association has teamed up with Gujarat Tourism to rope in large number of participants. 

“We are bringing two Gujarati artistes to conduct live orchestra for Dandiya this time unlike last year where we had only local artistes’. The songs include old folk songs and contemporary Bollywood folk songs for Dandiya,” said Praful Maun, committee member, Shree Indiranagar Gujarati Association. He also said that more than 7,000 participants are expected until the end of Navaratri. 

Jayanagar Samyukta Mandal Association is also going a traditional way with live orchestras by roping in a lot of senior citizens, this time. “Every year, we invite a lot of senior citizens to perform Dandiya. Because they are born before us and know the tradition well. In fact, they look really gorgeous in traditional Dandiya costumes,” said Roopesh M Shah, president of Jayanagar Samyukta Mandal Association.

He added, “We have a great emotional attachment towards Dandiya as we have been celebrating this for the past 44 years now. Every year, the number of participants is rising. Looks like a lot of non-Gujaratis are interested in taking part.”

With a mixture of folk, Bollywood and western music, DJ Hassan is conducting several Dandiya events in the city. “I see a lot of people enjoying and energised by the Disco Dandiya. People participating here have no restrictions on costumes unlike traditional Dandiyas,” said DJ Hassan. 

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