'People in BMWs litter, how can we clean city?'

'People in BMWs litter, how can we clean city?'

Deputy Chief Minister Parameshwara.

No amount of government funds or efforts can restore Bengaluru's glory unless people take waste management seriously, Deputy Chief Minister Parameshwara said on Saturday. 

According to him, only a change in people's mindset can lead to visible improvements on the ground. "Residents of RMV Extension in Sadashivanagar, where I stay, are supposed to be cultured. But very few of them segregate garbage. I have seen many people coming in BMW (cars) and throwing garbage on the roadside," he said, adding that such a mindset will defeat all government efforts. 

Parameshwara, who is also Bengaluru Development Minister, was speaking at 'Cleaning up Bengaluru: Garbage Collection and Disposal', a panel discussion organised by DH

He said the poor with no access to basic amenities cannot be expected to adopt sustainable practices when people having all the facilities do not follow simple rules. "There are people living in pathetic conditions on the periphery of the city and we are spending crores of rupees to solve issues like garbage in developed areas," he said. 

The deputy chief minister also took questions from citizens and representatives of resident welfare associations.

'Raise littering fine'

When Ravi G, a resident of Nagarabhavi, sought an amendment in the law to increase the fine for littering, Parameshwara agreed that the step would act as a deterrent but also sounded a note of caution. "We can't force people to pay a fine of Rs 5,000. First, awareness needs to be created among the public. Punishment can follow later," he said.