Festive biz brisk despite high flowers, fruits prices

Festive biz brisk despite high flowers, fruits prices

The price of flowers, fruits and vegetables may be going through the roof, but it has done very little to dampen the festive fervour.

Business remains brisk in markets across the city and traders argue that such high prices are not unusual during Ayudha puja. "There is a huge demand for several flower varieties, pumpkins, banana stems and fruits," said Mahalingappa, a trader in Gandhi Bazaar.

The season is when pumpkins are in very high demand, he said. While a kilo of pumpkin usually costs Rs 10, people prefer to buy the full pumpkin during Ayudha puja, which costs Rs 60 to 70.

Similarly, a pair of banana stems cost Rs 100 this season, though their usual cost would be Rs 40. Among flowers, jasmine, chrysanthemum, rose and mulberry witnesses a high demand during this season. The prices of fruits have remained relatively stable with a difference of Rs 5 to Rs 10.

"The festival comes once a year. So, we can't help it if the prices are high," said Subbalakshmi, a resident of NR Colony, south Bengaluru. 

"This is the only time when traders make a profit due to the high demand and low supply. We can't give up our traditions because of price rise. We must ensure these reasons won't deter one from celebrating the festivals," she added.