Idol installation delayed by a month

‘Veeragallu’ was transported to the National Military memorial premises in the early hours of June 25.

The installation of ‘Veeragallu’ at the National Military Memorial by the Bangalore Development Authority has been delayed by a month, again.

It will be done only by September, according to workers associated with the installation work of the 75-feet-tall monolith structure, bearing the names of martyred soldiers. The structure weighs 450 tonnes.

The installation was scheduled to be completed by August 15. But owing to various reasons, the work has been delayed.

According to sources in BDA, the installation process has been delayed due to the change in government and also due to the absence of the Bengaluru City Development minister. “We need some suggestions from the Bengaluru City Development minister. Due to the change in government, no meetings have been held to discuss the issue,” a source said.

BDA engineer Vinayak Sugur, however, said there were no political reasons for the delay, which was caused purely by technical issues.

‘Herculean task’

“It was a Herculean task for us to transport the structure. After much delay, the structure successfully reached the NMM premises. Now, we have to install it and that will be done shortly. We cannot estimate an exact time like we do for other works. The installation will be completed in month or so,” Sugur told DH.

Veeragallu was transported to the memorial premises in the early hours of June 25.

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