Indian cat species get their own names

Indian cat species get their own names

Now, the species of Indian cats have their own names, like their feline cousins from Persia and the Siam.

The Feline Club of India recently christened the Indian species with names like 'Indimou',  along with certification.

Saquib Pathan, president of the club, said the name for the ingeniously available cats in India was given a week ago. The club held "feline conversations" with foreign experts here on Saturday.

Pathan said the club is planning to organise a first-of-its-kind event to certify, microchip and vaccinate felines living with families.

"Like there is certification and registration available for owning other animals, we want to start the same for cats, too. The certification will be based on the genetic lineage. This is basically done to avoid inbreeding, so that healthier felines can be born," he added.

Cat owners, so far, have had to adopt kittens born out of inbreeding that have less immunity and are more prone to respiratory ailments. The certification will enable owners to identify up to seven generations of the cat's family. It will also educate owners on how to avoid inbreeding.

Pathan said 80% of the cats are dying due to FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) caused due to a mutated coronavirus. Conducting a genetic study about each of the cat species will also help avoid breeding among cats carrying fatal infections.

The club will hold the feline certification event in the city after Deepavali.