Less risky and cumbersome than LPG, say PNG users

Less risky and cumbersome than LPG, say PNG users

Slowly but surely, the Piped Natural Gas (PNG) network is spreading its tentacles across the city. As an alternative to the cumbersome LPG cylinders, dedicated gas lines are gaining acceptance among the public.

To understand the public perception, DH did a reality check and found that the new system is cost effective and less risky than the cylinders.

New apartment constructions mushrooming across the city now favour piped gas to LPG cylinders. The apartment buyers are also convinced that this is the safer way to go, although they want to be fully aware of the hazards associated with PNG as well.

Arunkumar Jodalli, a resident of Hosur Road puts things in perspective, when he says, “Piped gas is cheaper than LPG cylinders. Cylinder prices have gone up drastically, they are no longer affordable to everyone. The continuous supply of gas through the Gail pipeline has made life much easier, as we do not have to wait for the cylinder to be delivered at our doorstep.”

Many feel the LPG cylinder takes much space in the kitchen, and they have to be fully alert to avoid gas leakages. The distinctive odour from a leaking cylinder can trigger panic. To be on the safer side, they prefer to keep the cylinder at least a metre away from the stove.

On the safety aspect of PNG, a user Shreeshail shares, “The pressure of the gas is similar to LPG. But in case of any leakage anywhere in the pipe, the regulator gets switched off automatically. Once the switch is turned off, the leak can be plugged and the system normalised.”

Several houses in BEL Colony, HSR Layout and Jindal Colony have had piped gas connection now for a couple of years. The general consensus is this: Billing is a breeze as the smart meter shows your usage and you pay once every two months.

Gail’s mobile app allows customers to view and pay their bills through various payment gateways. A user from Yeshwanthapura says piped gas is not risky at all since the gas supplied is at a pressure that is hundred times lower than LPG.

Besides, there is no question of waiting for the cylinder delivery boy, delayed booking or safety issues associated with cylinder openings. Shreeshail adds that since PNG is a bio-fuel, users have the satisfaction of being eco-friendly.

For Satyanarayana Rao, a social worker from Vijayanagar, PNG is a good project for the city since it has many benefits. He explains, “It ends the inconvenience to consumers as they need not wait till the LPG cylinder is delivered. Moreover, compared to LPG, PNG is the safest mode and facilitates consumption only up to what they actually require.”

However, not everyone is convinced. Contends Roshan K S from Attiguppe, “Natural gas is odourless and can’t be detected by smell. The leak may go undetected and may also be very expensive to detect and fix. The project demands huge investments and expertise.”

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