Now, an award for best wildlife footage shot on a phone

Now, an award for best wildlife footage shot on a phone

Mobile moments

Some of the wildlife footage captured on a smartphone camera. SPECIAL ARRANGEMENT

Smartphones are today’s first choice to shoot videos. So, why not an award for the best wildlife footage captured on a smartphone camera?

Doing exactly this, city-based wildlife collective, Nature inFocus has launched such an award, winners of which will be announced at a three-day festival, kicking off here on August 2.

Targeted exclusively at nature and wildlife enthusiasts, filmmakers and photographers, the sixth edition of the Nature inFocus Festival will come alive on August 2, 3 and 4.

The NiF Film Awards is a three-category award with a bracket solely dedicated to wildlife footage captured using a smartphone.

Lined up for the contest are entries from both professional and emerging filmmakers.

Dubbed Mobile Moments, the category has attracted a huge number of edited and unedited video clips shot on smartphones.

The videos had to feature an incredible moment of animal behaviour.

The film mwards, categorised as Professional and Emerging Talent, are further divided into Natural History and Conservation. Participants in the Emerging Talent’ category had to tell a story of an animal, plant or habitat or can highlight a conservation issue in under five minutes.

The winners this year will be chosen by a seven-member jury, including Akanksha Sood Singh, a natural history filmmaker; Raghu Chundawat, a conservation biologist; and Joanna Van Gruisen, a wildlife filmmaker.

The NiF Photography Awards received 9,800 images across six categories this year. The festival will host a 120-image photography exhibition, including the winning images, and selected shortlisted images from the NiF Photography Awards.

There will also be an exclusive film showcase, screenings of the winning natural history and conservation films from the NiF Film Awards.