Ornamental plants to add to Lalbagh's allure

Ornamental plants to add to Lalbagh's allure

New ornamental plants will add to the beauty and allure of Bengaluru's Lalbagh Botanical Garden in the coming days.

The Baobab saplings that were planted two months ago near DHO Lawn are growing in height, providing an aesthetic appeal.

“Around five saplings have been planted already. In the coming days, the trees are going to grab everyone’s attention, that’s how beautiful they are,” said N Jagadish, joint director (parks and plantations), Horticulture Department.

Jagadish said the water holding capacity of the Baobab tree, which originated in African, is its most fascinating feature.

“Baobab can hold around 15,000 to 20,000 litres of water in its roots and can live for more than 6000 years. We have chosen it because of all these aspects,” Jagadish said.

Another tree named Beggar’s Bowl, which has been planted in the parking lot, yields ornamental fruits. “All the branches yield fruits in the shape of a bowl,” said Jagadish.

Five saplings were planted recently along with the three existing ones. “These trees are easy to maintain. We have to occasionally water them for some months,” Jagadish added.

Terminalia Mentali, a flower-bearing tree, will be another attraction in the parking lot. 

Also, a garden, called Sankan Garden, is being constructed close to the lake and is expected to bear plants from marshy areas and those that need more moisture to survive.