Poor internet connectivity makes it tough for students

Poor internet connectivity makes it tough for students

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The students of Bangalore North University (BNU) and its affiliated colleges have raised their displeasure with the university’s demand to upload their details to web portals. As most of the affiliated colleges are situated in rural areas they are plagued with poor internet connectivity and shortage of computers in the colleges. “This should be done by the colleges and the university. Instead, they are putting the burden on us. They are aware that rural students lack such facilities, yet they are insisting that we do it for ourself. The internet connectivity is very poor and it takes at least half an hour to upload the details,” said a student of a college affiliated to BNU.

The students are a worried lot as the last date to upload the details is on October 10. They are forced to visit cyber cafes in the nearby towns, not only missing their classes but also paying a hefty sum.

“The owners demand Rs 150 – 200 to upload each student’s details. It has become a huge burden for students from economically weak sections. Even colleges have a scarcity of computer systems and internet,” the student added.

Dr T D Kemparaju, vice-chancellor, BNU told DH, “This move was intended to have all the stakeholders collectively participate. There were instances, where the student would notice an error in the marks card after receiving it. Then he/she would have to run pillar to post to get it corrected. With the new process, the student can enter his/her accurate details and also get the acknowledgement for the same. It is easier to spot where things go wrong.”

In the latest process, the students’ details will go through three levels. The first level is with the students, the second with the college and the third at the university. When asked about the time constraints, the VC said, “We are more likely to extend the deadline. Since this is for the benefit of the students we will take a decision accordingly.”