Sampige station: Where all hell breaks loose

Sampige station: Where all hell breaks loose

A pedestrian path in bad condition at the entrance of Mantri Square Sampige Metro Station. DH Photo/ B H Shivakumar

It’s an uphill task every day for commuters using the Mantri Square Sampige Metro station.

Heavy traffic, absence of pedestrian crossing and a footpath in bad shape make it a risky ride all the way.

For those alighting from the Metro, crossing the road to reach the Central bus stop and other places is always fraught with risks.

There is heavy traffic round the clock and there is no proper pedestrian crossing, too. Similarly, those who alight from BMTC buses (going towards Majestic and Malleswaram) to reach the Metro station face a gruelling battle.

Apoorva, a commuter, said, “The Mantri Square Sampige Road Metro station is used by thousands of commuters. It is difficult to access the station as there is no footpath near the rajakaluve stretch and vehicles speed by with no regard for pedestrians.

The entrance to the station itself is temporary, with a highrise construction by Mantri Developers up to the main road.”

“It is very difficult to cross this stretch during peak hours. BMTC buses use this road and it is scary to cross the road. Traffic police or the authorities concerned should solve the issue,” said Praveen Imdapur, a college student who takes the Metro.

“The footpath in front of the mall is good, but after the mall, it is in a pathetic condition. There are no traffic police at this junction despite heavy traffic. Neither is there a pedestrian signal to cross the road.” Praveen said.

“The problem needs urgent attention as it involves the safety of thousands of pedestrians and Metro commuters,” Apoorva said.

High Grounds traffic police station officers agree the Central bus stop in front of the Metro station is known for bumper-to-bumper traffic. “After receiving several complaints from commuters, we have put up barricades in front of the Metro station,” said a traffic police inspector. He also said that traffic police are always deployed on the stretch.

The Metro station was constructed by Mantri Developers under a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL).

Speaking to DH, BMRCL public relations officer, B L Yashwanth Chavan, said, “Since the footpath leading to the station is in bad shape, there is a plan to redevelop the pedestrian path by the Directorate of Urban Land Transport soon.”