Savior app to provide medical emergency needs

Savior app to provide medical emergency needs

Savior app

After saving three lives in Mangaluru, “Savior” is all set to be launched in the city shortly. With just one click, the unique app alerts hospital ambulances, seeks help from trained first responders and informs the emergency contact registered in the app.

Dikshith Rai, Founder and CEO of “Savior”, said the app will inform trained volunteers who can save a life within the golden hour.

“About 460 people have been trained for the basic first aid required in case of an emergency.
Ever since the app was launched in June this year, three lives have been saved under 10 minutes in Mangaluru with two people suffering a cardiac arrest and one meeting with an accident. He said that the ambulance response has improved by 85%
in most part of Mangaluru,” he said. The volunteers are trained for basic life support, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), emergency accident care which includes stabilising an accident victim, stemming blood flow, splitting technics and proper transportation of the trauma victims. Volunteers are also trained for cases of choking, burns, scars, bites, stings etc.

You can download the app and request to be a volunteer using the menu option.

Once we train these people, we activate the volunteer mode. First responders
(Volunteers) will only receive these emergency notifications when you keep the volunteer mode on.