Tag on victim’s shirt leads police to his killers

Tag on victim’s shirt leads police to his killers

City police solved a murder case by identifying the victim by the tailor’s tag on his shirt and arrested his wife and her lover who eliminated him.

The Doddabelavangala police arrested Gayathri (25) and her lover Kiran Kumar (20) on charges of murdering Umesh, a resident of Kodihalli. Umesh was killed as he suspected the relationship between Gayathri and Kiran Kumar.

Kiran Kumar’s brother, a juvenile and also an accused in the case, has been secured and sent to the state-run boys’ remand home.

The Doddabelavangala police were informed of a man’s body lying at an isolated spot in the Ujjini forest area on February 26 last year.

The man’s assailants had crushed his head with a boulder to conceal his identity. The dead man was in his late thirties. Police began a murder case and sent messages to neighbouring police stations whether anyone fitting the description of the dead man was missing. But they did not succeed in determining his identity. The victim had nothing on him  that would reveal his identity, except the shirt that contained the tag with the name ‘Anil Tailors’. They traced the tailor to Hesarughatta near Doddaballapura, who said he stitched some shirts for the dead man who lived in Kodihalli.

Police inquired in Kodihalli and learnt that a plumber named Umesh was missing for two days. They also learnt that his wife Gayathri did not file a complaint over his disappearance.

Police then took the call data records of Gayathri and learnt that she was in a relationship with her friend Kiran Kumar. They took both of them into custody and Gayathri confessed to the crime.

On the night of his killing, Kiran Kumar and his brother had invited Umesh for a drink. After they had a few drinks, they went to an isolated spot in Ujjini forest where the two men assaulted Umesh and crushed his head with a boulder. The Doddabelavangala police produced Gayathri and Kiran Kumar before a magistrate who remanded them to judicial custody.