BBMP starts removing OFCs in Bellandur

BBMP starts removing OFCs in Bellandur

The BBMP is zealously clearing the dangerous Optical Fibre Cables (OFC) from the roads and footpaths of Bellandur that has jeopardised the lives of commuters and pedestrians of late.

OFCs have been a pedestrian safety concern across Sarjapur Road, Kasavanahalli Main Road, Haralur Road, Doddakanneli Road, Kadubeesanahalli Road, Bellandur Main Road, Palm Avenue Road, Kaiammana Agrahara Road to name a few.

Residents say there have been instances of accidents involving children and the elderly. OFCs are life-threatening for pedestrians in areas around Owners Court, Springfields Apartments and others in Bellandur, they said.

“In Bellandur, OFC chambers and unscientific lids are spread unevenly along the surface of roads. Due to unscheduled and unauthorised digging of roads by telecom players and shoddy restoration done by the BBMP, OFCs are now a serious safety hazard even for two-wheelers,” said a resident.

The residents raised a complaint to BBMP officials and the police two days ago urging them to take action against the violators. They have asked the BBMP to install CCTV cameras in Bellandur wherever necessary, to ensure safety and security of citizens. As per their request, the police directed the BBMP to initiate action.

“For the first time in Bellandur, some action has been taken by the BBMP without prior media intervention. We as a federation have consensus from all RWAs that quick fixes won’t work. We want a timeline-based commitment from all operators that a structured infrastructure for cabling will be adopted without putting pedestrian safety at risk. We also request the BESCOM and BBMP to adopt a pedestrian first strategy,” said Vishnu Prasad, President of Kasavanahalli Development Forum.

Abdul Ahad, deputy commissioner of police, Whitefield Division, said: “We wrote to BBMP and BESCOM soon after residents approached us. We will book all the violators (service providers). We will identify violators, seek explanation and file cases against them.”