Green corridor to transport Raichur youth's heart

Green corridor to transport Raichur youth's heart

Hospital staff carry the harvested heart of a brain-dead youth from Raichur, Thammanna H (inset).

The traffic police created a green corridor from Yeshwantpur to Whitefield on Wednesday morning rush hour to facilitate the transport of a heart for transplant. 

The heart of a 21-year-old man from Raichur was retrieved after he was declared brain-dead by doctors at the Sparsh Hospital.

Thammanna H was riding pillion on the Raichur-Hyderabad highway when the vehicle crashed on June 16. 

He suffered a head injury and was rushed to a nearby hospital before being shifted to Hyderabad. He was later referred to Sparsh Hospital where a team of doctors declared him brain-dead. 

His family consented to organ donation after being counselled.

His father Hanumantharayappa, a farmer, said he knew about organ donation as he had seen it on television.

“My son had completed ITI and was working in Raichur. It is unfortunate he met with an accident and suffered a head injury,” he

Doctors operated on Thammanna to harvest some of the vital organs, including the heart, lungs, kidneys and corneas. Since the heart has to be transplanted within a few hours, it was transported to Vydehi Hospital where a 52-year-old woman underwent the heart transplant.

The other organs were transplanted into other needy recipients. 

Jeevasarthakathe, the government agency, counselled the family and co-ordinated the transplantation.